Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SmackDown Spoilers

A small update today as the staff prepares for the new year. Here are the 1/2/09 and 1/9/09 SmackDown spoilers. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now and have a happy new year.

Vickie Guerrero announces that Jeff Hardy will face Edge at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. Triple H comes out and makes fun of Guerrero until she lets him in the Rumble match. Hunter then says Guerrero has nude pictures on EBay.

The Great Khali and Finlay beat Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

Eve interviews Michelle McCool. She blames Maria for her loss. Eve asks her to apologize and she refuses.

Vickie and Edge talk backstage about Vickie's nude photos. Big Show says he's seem them. Show and Edge get in an argument.

The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson beat Jesse and Festus

Vladimir Kozlov beat Hurricane Helms

Jim Ross announces that Triple H, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov and Shelton Benjamin are in the Royal Rumble. Benjamin comes out and says he should be announced as the winner and that no one compares to him. The Undertaker comes out and chokeslams him.

Michelle McCool apologizes to Maria and Eve. She then attacks Eve with the microphone.

Vickie Guerrero tells Triple H that he's going to compete in a Triple Jeopardy Match on next week's SmackDown: a Table match, a Handicap match and a Last Man Standing match.

Kizarny beat MVP. MVP's losing streak continues. Management is said to be soured on Kizarny already. Ken Kennedy came out after the match and cuts a promo. He makes fun of MVP and talks about Behind Enemy Lines.

Edge cuts a promo saying that Jeff Hardy is an embarrassment as WWE Champion.

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and ECW Champion Matt Hardy beat Edge and Big Show

01/09/09 spoilers:

Triple H beat John Morrison in a Table Match. The Miz and Chavo Guerrero attacked Hunter after the match and put him through a able anyway.

The Undertaker beat Shelton Benjamin with a Tombstone.

The Bella Twins beat Victoria and Michelle McCool

Triple H beat The Miz and Chavo Guerrero in a Handicap Match

MVP's V.I.P. Lounge is up next with Ken Kennedy as the special guest. Kennedy says it's embarrassing how MVP loses every week. Kennedy says he's trying to inspire MVP to stop losing. The ring crew comes in and takes away MVP's Lounge furniture. Kennedy says that it's being repossessed. The Boogeyman comes out from under the ring and slams MVP. MVP retreats.

Carlito and Primo Colon beat The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

The Big Show beat Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match to end the show.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

we're back, and we have a lot to say!

The Wrestling For Bisexuals staff took a break for the holiday season. Fortunately, the wrestling business we love to write about refused to rest along with us. Needless to say that we on the staff have a lot to talk about now that we've made our triumphant return. As we head into the new year, we're grateful for a lot of things. Among them, all of the following:

WWE and TNA continue to put on quality shows each week. Many argue that the wrestling business isn't as entertaining or as beloved by the mainstream as it was ten years ago, but we're just happy to have wrestling on TV.

Goldust is back on WWE television. Although relegated to a comedy role, Virgil Runnels continues to play the Goldust character well and can still get it done in the ring. Besides, limiting the role to short cameos each week decreases the possibility of the character saying or doing something offensive to our LGBT friends.

Kane is now the crazy stalker of Kelly Kelly. Just like Goldust, Glen Jacobs continues to play his role to a T, and Kelly's acting abilities have somewhat improved along with her in-ring skills. We're curious who her mystery man will eventually be too.

Another Royal Rumble match. Each year without failure, the Royal Rumble continues to be an entertaining WWE staple with an original twist to the concept or a surprise entrant or two. We look forward to the '09 installment.

TNA's continued expansion. Total Nonstop Action continues to grow with a UK tour coming in the new year. Competition is good, and wrestlers having more places to work in tough ecconomic times is even better.

You readers. We can't thank you enough for your continued support. It is through your word of mouth and free promotion that we are able to do what we do. It is because of you that we've achieved so much success this past year, interviewing the likes of Orlando Jordan, Lanny Poffo and RD Reynolds. We have more surprises coming in 2009. Keep on reading!

Chyna hospitalized

TMZ reports that Chyna was rushed to the hospital early Saturday morning. Friends called paramedics after finding her passed out in her Burbank home with cuts on her arms. Alcohol is said to have played a factor. "All I really want right now is a hamburger and fries right now," Chyna told TMZ. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Armageddon results

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Matt Hardy in a non-title match.

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio to become number one contender to the Intercontinental title. Both wrestlers were injured during the match.

Shawn Michaels "sold out" to JBL in an in-ring promo.

Finlay defeated Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl match.

Batista defeated Randy Orton.

Michelle McCool, Maria, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeated Victoria, Natalya, Jillian Hall and Maryse in a Santa's Little Helpers tag team match.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho to retain the World championship.

Jeff Hardy defeated Edge and Triple H in a Triple Threat match to win the WWE championship.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Miz and Morrison win tag titles

John Morrison and The Miz captured the WWE Tag Team championships at last night's Raw house show in Hamilton, Ontario defeating Kofi Kingston and CM Punk.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

WWE news

AC/DC has been confirmed as the band for WrestleMania XXV. In a related story, an Undertaker/Shawn Michaels storyline for WrestleMania was recently "leaked" online, allegedly sent to various sites by former WWE writer Bruce Prichard. The script was later confirmed as being false.

Gene Snitsky has been released from WWE.

Former WWE announcer Joey Styles punched out a drunk JBL backstage during WWE's Iraq tour.

Edge has expressed an interest in forming a stable with real-life friends Christian and Kizarny if Christian re-signs with WWE at the end of the year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ed Leslie still "The Barber"

Ed Leslie told F4W online that he and WWE have settled their lawsuit. Leslie is still free to use Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake on indy shows, as well as his WCW monikers The Butcher, The Booty Man and The Zodiac.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kurt Angle to return to WWE?

World Wrestling Entertainment has allegedly begun talk of bringing back current TNA star Kurt Angle when Angle's TNA contract expires in September, 2009.

Steve Bradley found dead

Former WWE developmental wrestler Steve Bradley was found dead this morning in his car in a Manchester, New Hampshire parking lot across the street from where he once operated Top Rope Wrestling Academy. He was 32 years old.

Bradley started wrestling in 1991. After much success on the East Coast he signed a contract with the then-WWF in 1998 and was assigned to their developmental territory
Power Pro Wrestling in Memphis, Tennessee. Bradley feuded with a rookie Kurt Angle over the Power Pro Wrestling championship, which was voted "Underrated Feud of the Year" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Bradley became the first wrestler to defeat Angle. In 1999, he won the third annual ECWA Super 8 tournament, defeating current TNA wrestler Christopher "Curry Man" Daniels. Bradley was ultimately released by WWE in the summer of 2002 during a talent purge. Following his release from WWE Bradley returned to the New England area and opened his wrestling school, which was shut down within the past six months. Bradley dealt with personal issues over the years and was one of the former talents who took up WWE's offer of getting help within the past year.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WrestleMania and budget cuts

WWE has begun taping two SmackDown broadcasts on various Tuesday nights instead of the usual one. This is being done as part of WWE's plan to cut $20 million in expenses from their budget, according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter. That double-taping trend will continue at least until WrestleMania, after which time WWE will evaluate the situation again. ECW shows will continue to be taped on Monday nights along with the live Raw show until February. Eliminating one taping saves WWE almost $700,000 in production expenses. Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard and two developmental talents were released earlier this week due to budget cuts, and more firings are expected. WWE has also cut down on its usage of pyrotechnics to save money, and the referee schedules have been reduced.

Shawn Michaels has pitched the idea of wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25. Michaels is expected to retire at WrestleMania 26.

More information has been released about the upcoming video game Legends Of WrestleMania. The roster features a total of 40 wrestlers and managers including Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Jerry Lawler, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect and Ted Dibiase Sr. Yokozuna and The Ultimate Warrior have been rumored as appearing in the game, but that has not yet been confirmed by a reliable source. The cover art for the game also features images of Steve Austin, The Rock, Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart is expected to be cut from the roster due to his involvement with CCW. He was already pulled from the non-virtual WrestleMania tour. The game is scheduled for a March, 2009 release.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WrestleMania, Raven, and making out with Mickie James!

Raven has started a fan club via his Web site. Members can get tickets to wrestling shows featuring Raven, Raven merchandise, questions answered by Raven, etc. Details about the fan club and how to join can be found at:

In her new shoot interview, Allison Danger tells a story about making out with Mickie James. Video of Danger discussing the angle is currently circulating around YouTube.

SPOILER ALERT! Currently scheduled WrestleMania matches are listed below. If you want to be surprised about the WrestleMania card, stop reading here. Thanks.

WWE has scheduled the following matches for WrestleMania next year in Houston, Texas. As always, plans are subject to change.

Steve Austin versus John Cena

Jeff Hardy versus Edge for the WWE championship

Batista versus Randy Orton for the World championship

Triple H versus The Undertaker

Team WWE versus Team NFL

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Survivor Series results

Team Raw (Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Cancie Michelle, Jillian Hall and Beth Phoenix) defeated Team SmackDown (Maria, Maryse, Victoria, Natalya and Michelle McCool) in a Survivor Series match. Beth Phoenix was the sole survivor.

Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, William Regal, Mark Henry and Shelton Benjamin) defeated Team Batista (Batista, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk and Matt Hardy) in a Survivor Series match. Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes were the sole survivors.

Team HBK (Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Cryme Tyme and The Great Khali) defeated Team JBL (JBL, Kane, MVP, The Miz and John Morrison) in a Survivor Series match. Michaels, Mysterio and Khali were the sole survivors.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight title.

Edge (replacing Jeff Hardy by orders of Vickie Guerrero) defeated Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov in a Triple Threat match to win the WWE title. Jeff Hardy interfered in the match.

The Undertaker defeated The Big Show in a Casket match.

Jeff Hardy and Ashley news

Jeff Hardy's stairwell injury reported on is most likely a work.

Ashley Massaro's pet recently passed away after running into traffic.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

news is reporting that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper now has a medical marijuana prescription. Am I the only one who believes this would make for some entertaining television?

Armando Estrada has been officially released from World Wrestling Entertainment. His release is not part of a Wellness violation.

Dustin Rhodes' WWE contract is a standard talent contract and not a Legends deal. Rhodes has canceled all independent bookings as a result, but is still expected to do his scheduled autograph signings.

WWE has apologized for an error on the packaging of their Intercontinental title DVD. Buddy Roberts is present on the package instead of Pat Patterson. Also, recently incorrectly listed Tito Santana as Rick Martel's partner at WrestleMania III. The correct partner was Tom Zenk.

Monday, November 17, 2008

matt hardy injured

Matt Hardy re-injured his knee during the WWE's international tour, but is determined to work through the injury.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Orlando Jordan interview

Whoever we interview, we do it big. Our series of exclusive interviews continued last weekend when we spoke with former WWE superstar Orlando Jordan from his home in Florida. Jordan is an openly bisexual African-American wrestler, making him a true rarity in the sports-entertainment business. Read on as OJ candidly discusses his WWE run, false rumors, carrying the Warrior, and plans for his future.

The former United States champion refused to emphasize his sexuality when he spoke with us about his career. "I never really came out and said that I was bi. I'm me. I'm happy being who I am." Similarly, Jordan didn't want to stress his race when discussing role models. "[Being a] role model isn't something you choose. When you're in the public eye people find qualities in you."

Jordan was a natural athlete from day one. He competed in gymnastics since age six before becoming a member of the United States Forest Service. After moving to Florida he competed in amateur boxing and wrestling, becoming both a National and All-American champion. However, OJ revealed that the diverse background didn't make it hard to pick a ring style once he went pro. "I think it's who I was. I don't think it was something I chose over the years of training. It just kind of fit for me. I'm a pretty good-sized guy even though every time I meet a fan they always say 'Wow you're bigger than I thought.' I'm 6'4 and about 255 but for doing acrobatic stuff with that it's something that I needed to do. A lot of amateurs don't really make a good transition [to the professional circuit]. Kurt Angle, Brock [Lesnar], Shelton [Benjamin], Charlie Hass and myself have made good. I wanted to get away from that. I wanted to be a pro."

One of Jordan's most memorable feuds during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment was against the late Chris Benoit. When describing his experiences working with the now infamous performer, Jordan said their in-ring chemistry was "like peanut butter and jelly. Benoit was a great person to work with. Once I got the news it hurt my heart to find out what took place. Chris was a good friend to me. I enjoyed working with him. We were able to go out there and connected off the bat from the first time [we wrestled each other]. He's a hard worker and so am I."

Jordan, a member of the Cabinet stable, praised his former leader JBL. "Bradshaw was my partner and mentor." Jordan credited JBL as a locker room leader on the level of the Undertaker. What about the notorious pranks JBL is known for pulling in the locker room? "I was probably right there with him, and if not, instigating. There's tons of them I can tell [but] I can't think of any off the top of my head that won't get me in trouble."

OJ's three-year WWE stint came to an end in 2006. He pulled no punches when shedding light on the reason for his release or the speculation that went along with it. "By now they have all kinds of stuff out and people say a lot of things. Bottom line is that they I think didn't know what to do with me. That's the creative side's fault. Also of course rumors saying stuff about me because I'm bi getting released. I really don't like touching on stuff like that because it feuls bullshit. I think that people read the internet and quickly judge not knowing the truths. I've alwas wanted people to judge me for who I am. What's the difference between gay and bi? I'm bisexual; not gay. If you're going to call me something and stereotype me, do it right. None of the things you read that people put out I can say aren't true."

The former "Chief Of Staff" made headlines earlier this year when he wrestled the Ultimate Warrior in the Warrior's comeback match after a decade's absence from the ring. The Warrior has publicy stated in the past that he is against homosexuality, making one wonder if the two performers would have difficulty working together. "Despite what people might think I had no problem working with him," Jordan told us. "It takes two to wrestle. I think it was a case of not biting the hand feeding you. He was real compliant with me. I didn't have to deal business-wise. He had to trust me and rely on me to get through the match. I think his reputation preceeds him."

OJ's future looks equally bright. He's pursuing modeling and acting opportunities through his own company Wildcat Entertainment while working regularly with European wrestling group New Wrestling Evolution. He's also one of many wrestlers featured in Bloodstained Memoirs, a positive wrestling documentary expected out in 2009. Mostly though "I'm on a break for the holidays."

Orlando closed the conversation by informing us he was willing to grant us a second interview in the future. We're going to hold him to it, so send us your questions now! We encourage our readers to show your support for Orlando by becoming his MySpace friend. You can reach him at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Three WWE releases and a possible WWE return

"World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of SmackDown Superstar Kenny Dykstra and ECW's Elijah Burke and Lena Yada as of Nov. 10, 2008. WWE wishes them the best in all future endeavors."

Christian Cage is also rumored to be returning to WWE in the near future. Cage's move is said to be strictly a financial decision.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

TNA Turning Point results

Eric Young beat Jay Lethal, Doug Williams, Tanahashi, Petey Williams, Consequences Creed, Homicide, Jimmy Rave, Sonjay Dutt and Volador in an elimination match to become #1 contender to the X Division title. After the match, Young cut a promo on the Main Event Mafia.

Taylor Wilde and Roxxi beat
Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed.

Rhino beat
Sheik Abdul Bashir in a non-title match.

Beer Money Inc. beat The Motor City Machineguns in a Tag Team Championship match.

Booker T beat Christian Cage in a Legends Championship match. As a result, Cage must join the Main Event Mafia.

Kurt Angle beat Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Kevin Nash beat Samoa Joe.

Sting beat AJ Styles in a TNA World Championship match.

Friday, November 7, 2008

WWE releases

Mike Adamle is rumored to be finished with WWE. Both sides believe Adamle is not working out for the company, which is why he was removed from his position as Raw General Manager this week.

In similar news, the releases of Chuck Palumbo, Super Crazy and Paul London have been confirmed by The wrestlers were released as part of a cost-cutting initiative by WWE.

WWE officials are cracking down on marijuana usage in the locker room. Currently a marijuana-positive drug test results in a $1,000 fine, but officials have warned the wrestlers previosuly caught that the punishment is about to become "more severe."

The general feeling within WWE is that they’re looking to a big storyline on the RAW brand with Shane and Stephanie McMahon, possibly against each other, that will eventually see the TV return of Vince McMahon in time for WrestleMania 25.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

rumors debunked and other news

Several rumors were debunked at Ringside Fest '08 this past weekend in New York. Ric Flair confirmed that he's retired from wrestling contrary to reports of him negotiating with Japan. Flair did state, however, that the only thing that may talk him into a one-time comeback is an angle involving his youngest son Reid's pro wrestling career.

Eric Bischoff also debunked the long-standing rumor that he was starting up his own promotion to compete with WWE once again. Bischoff said he had "been there and done that" and that the opportunity would have to be just right for him ever to re-enter the wrestling business in such a capacity.

Lastly, the rumor that WWE has asked announcers to refer to on-screen talent as "entertainers" has now been confirmed as false.

Goldust has been re-signed to WWE. It is currently unknown if his contract is a Legends one or a standard talent deal.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lanny "The Genius" Poffo

Wrestling For Bisexuals continued its streak of exclusive interviews this past weekend. Former NWA, ICW and WWF personality "Leaping" Lanny Poffo (a.k.a. "The Genius") took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us about a variety of subjects from his thirty-plus year wrestling career. Our staff would like to thank Lanny Poffo for the following interview. We extend our best wishes to Lanny in all his future endeavors.

Poffo, a member of the WWF's boom period in the 1980's, shared how pleased he was to be able to return to the company following his managerial stint of Curt "Mister Perfect" Hennig. He managed the Beverly Brothers tag team during his second run. While some may consider no longer working with the talented Hennig a step down, "The Genuis" was just happy to be there.

Poffo's career also included a stint with World Championship Wrestling from 1995 until 1999, but wrestling fans wouldn't know it from watching WCW television. Unlike many former WCW employees, Poffo didn't bitterly bury the defunct company when discussing it. "I never understood why they didn't use me. I certainly wanted to be used."

Could modern-day wrestling once again reach the levels of success it attained during the 80's and 90's? Poffo believes that it could, but said such success is dependent on the business "...continuing to give the fans what they want. Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the taste of the public." He added that he feels wrestling is "a young man's game" and therefore not meant for someone about to turn fifty-four years old in December. As a result, Poffo feels it is unlikely he'll ever be back on television for WWE or TNA. "Leaping Lanny" fans need not worry however. Poffo has already appeared at about twenty different pro wrestling conventions and can still be seen in a variety of independent promotions throughout the world. "It makes me feel young!"

Unlike his brother "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Lanny Poffo remains on good terms with World Wrestling Entertainment. Poffo wrote a poem for the "Battle of the Billionaires" on last year, but has no idea what the continued heat between his sibling and Vince McMahon is about despite accessibility to both parties. "Since I don't have the guts to ask (Savage) to his face, I'd prefer not to talk behind his back. Suffice it to say, he's not welcome into the Hall of Fame."

Continued imitation suggests "The Genius'" success. The intellectual wrestling heel character has been assigned to ECW's Matt Striker and the WWF's Dean Douglas in recent years, but no ill will was held toward anyone who may have borrowed from the persona because of the revelation that "I based my character off Jack Benny." Likewise, Poffo only had great things to say about his fellow wrestler turned children's book author Mick Foley.

Lanny loves words. He personally wrote all of his on-screen poetry. When questioned about a favorite poem he'd composed, Poffo seemed to believe it was a tie between his poem for his brother's coronoation ceremony and his poem for Mister Perfect's ping-pong match--which he pointed out contained true alliteration. "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. It's not true alliteration because of the word 'of.' In mine, Personal Perfection, it's all starting with P."

Ever the generous guest, Lanny Poffo closed the interview by penning an original poem for our blog and its fans.

"Be humble when victorious
Be noble in defeat
Be there when your neighbor
Doesn't have enough to eat

Try to love your enemies
And always be aware
That in the SuperBowl of life
The tortoise fucks the hare!"

To further immerse yourself in Genius poetry, head over to While you're there, you can also order yourself a copy of Lanny's children's books, promotional wrestling photos, and even his Halloween-appropriate Curse Of The Werewolf movie which also contains an appearance from wrestling's Blue Meanie. If nothing else though, you can continue to read more of Lanny's great poetry, such as the following:

"Behold this humble entourage, thier heads are bowed in reverance
At the very slightest whisper of one name
Exhalting in His splendor, which if all together fitting
of all the people in the land from whence he came
False marquees are common place as kingdoms rise & fall
But I The Genius full of Glory & Renoun
Say The Macho Man is everything, that everybody, everywhere
Would ever, ever want to wear a crown.
I say this King deserves a Queen beside him on the throne
And Sherri is the fairest in the land,
No body else is worthy of this monumental honor
And the Regal splendor of His Royal Hand
We witness the dethroning of one Jim The Hacksaw Duggin
Who's crown and robe are in a state of ravage
I now remove my Motor board and place it near my heart
And thus proclaim You Macho King Randy Savage."

Apparently Jim Duggan was a rabbit that night.

This interview was just the beginning of many more surprises we have in store for the reading pleasure of our loyal fans. Remember to check this blog regularly and continue to give us your feedback and suggestions. Likewise, if you work in the professional wrestling field in any capacity, we would love to speak with you. E-mail us at:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cyber Sunday results and Dale Gagner case decided

Mickie James won the Divas Halloween costume contest.

The Miz and John Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme.

The Honky Tonk Man defeated Santino Marella by disqualification. Santino retains the Intercontinental title.

Matt Hardy defeated Evan Bourne to retain the ECW championship.

Shelton Benjamin defeated R-Truth to retain the U.S. championship.

Rey Mysterio defeated Kane in a No Holds Barred match.

Batista defeated Chris Jericho to win the World Heavyweight championship. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was the guest referee. Shawn Michaels, JBL and Randy Orton interfered in the match, with Austin fighting off Orton and JBL attacking Michaels and Batista.

The Undertaker defeated The Big Show in a Last Man Standing match.

Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Championship.

In other news, WWE won its legal against Dale Gagner, son of Verne Gagne. As a result, Gagner must turn over all rights to his AWA domains to WWE and can no longer use the AWA name for his wrestling promotion.

Scott Hall attempted suicide Friday or Saturday. He is currently hospitalized. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, October 24, 2008

a thank you, and some news!

Before we begin this update, we here at the blog would like to thank our loyal fans. While we are constantly encouraging you to purchase our Amazon-related products, we also understand that these are tough financial times for many people. Luckily, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Whatever we lack in financial assistance, we're proud to say our fans more than make up for in enthusiastic word of mouth promotion! You readers have recently been alerting many within the wrestling industry to our presence, including some big-name performers. We cannot thank you enough for your support, regardless of what form it may come in. The importance of you fans cannot be understated or ignored. Thank you for what you do for us. We hope that our presence will only grow heading into 2009. We have several big plans in the works already, but you'll have to keep reading to see what!

Ric Flair will be doing a rare, FREE autograph signing tomorrow in Roanoke, Virginia from 1 to 3 PM. For more information, contact the store at: 3602 Ferncliff Ave , Roanoke VA or call them at 540-366-7246.

Speaking of Flair, the "Nature Boy" recently announced that Japan has been aggressively courting him to come out of retirement. Flair stated he's hesitant to do so because of the tremendous sendoff WWE gave him earlier this year.

Vince McMahon has instructed all WWE announcers to refer to talent as "entertainers." This is being done to further distance the WWE name from anything sports-related such as state athletic commissions, and also to allow the company to further expand into other areas of entertainment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cade released, and Legends Of The Ring aftermath

WWE has come to terms on the release of Lance Cade. No explanation has been given yet for the release, which is oddly timed. Cade was the on-air lackey for World champion Chris Jericho and just recently scored a victory over Shawn Michaels.

The seventh annual Legends Of The Ring pro wrestling convention took place this past weekend in New Jersey. Scott Hall's behavior is the largest news story coming out of the event. Hall assaulted a comedian who made a reference to Owen Hart's life-ending fall at the Iron Sheik roast, and got in trouble later on for inappropriately touching a woman at the hotel bar.

smackdown spoilers

Below are spoilers for the 10/17 edition of SmackDown.

*Big Show opens SmackDown accompanied by Chavo Guerrero. He talks about Undertaker's chin and says that the Undertaker has lost his mind for interfering with his match against Triple H. Big Show then proceeds to announce the stipulations that fans will be able to vote for in his match against Undertaker at Cyber Sunday. They are:

* Last Man Standing Match
* I Quit Match
* A Knockout Match

Big Show then takes on a jobber in each of the above matches. He dominates them all effortlessly.

* Carlito & Primo Colon b. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins
- Primo Colon got the win via pinfall following a drop kick off the top rope.

* MVP comes out and cuts a promo and talks about the longest United States Title Reign. He then talks about how he's going to do what Shelton Benjamin can't and beat R-Truth.

* R-Truth b. MVP
- R-Truth entered through the crowd. He got the win with the spinning axe kick.

* Big Show & The Great Khali are in the ring for a promo. Vickie comes out and says she wants Khali to take out Undertaker. Khali doesn't want to be a pawn. Khali and Big Show stare each other down to end the segment.

* Brian Kendrick comes out the the ring. He says due to doctor's orders he can't wrestle against Super Crazy tonight. He says that Ezekiel will wrestle in his place.

* Ezekiel Jackson b. Super Crazy in a squash match.

* Triple H comes out and talks about his upcoming match at Cyber Sunday against either Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, or both.

* Undertaker vs. The Great Khali
- The match ends in disqualification when Big Show comes out and choke slams Undertaker. Big Show grabs a chair and wants The Great Khali to hit the Undertaker. Khali chops the chair out of Big Show's hands and leaves the ring.

* Maria b. Victoria, Natalya, Maryse, Brie Bella in a "Las Vegas Poll Match"
- Maria got the win in a quick match. She will now get a title shot against Michelle McCool.

* Triple H vs. Undertaker is announced for next week's edition of SmackDown.

* Jesse & Festus b. Kenny Dykstra & Ryan Braddock
- Festus gets the win via pinfall on Kenny.

* Triple H comes out in street clothes to join Jim Ross and Tazz.

* Vladimir Kozlov b. Jeff Hardy
- Vladimir Kozlov corners Jeff Hardy and hits a big running power slam. Kozlov then locks an arm bar on the mat. Jeff finally gets up and hits two whisper in the winds. He goes to the top and jumps off. He misses. Kozlov regains control and wins with a headbutt.

After the match Triple H gets in the ring and taunts Kozlov with the belt. Kozlov leaves and Triple H helps Hardy. Triple H then raises Hardy's hand, kicks him, and hits a pedigree to send SmackDown off the air.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WFB expands! Plus, wrestling news & more to buy!

Wrestling For Bisexuals will soon have a MySpace page, allowing for better promotion and more interaction with our loyal readers and people within the professional wrestling industry. In addition, we've secured another interview with independent wrestling referee Jason Harding, and are currently in talks with former WWE superstar Orlando Jordan! This is truly an exciting time to be a WFB reader. We hope that you will all continue to follow our blog as we grow.

Both of The Undertaker's knees are causing him pain. His retirement is looking more and more likely heading into WrestleMania next year.

Former WCW "gay" personality Lenny Lane made a surprise appearance on ECW TV last week. Lane's appearance was for one show only and didn't include Lodi as a part of the deal. Lenny Lane fans shouldn't fret, though. Lane is still available for birthday parties! Check out to get Lenny Lane for your next celebration!

The Wrestling Observer reports that TNA will soon add another title for mid-card talents to do battle over. Jeff Jarrett has long been opposed to adding an additional title, but feels the roster is now large enough to justify it.

The WWE contracts of Raven, Mike Sanders and Chris Kanyon are now available online. Check out: for more information. Contract one is Raven's contract. Two and three are Sanders' and Kanyon's.

Kevin Nash told the Daytona News-Journal that he hasn't yet re-signed with TNA. Nash claims there is an on-going dispute over merchandising, and that Vince McMahon has also offered Nash a WWE spot if he'll dye his hair.

Signamania III went well for us. We made important contacts and hope to make even more this coming weekend at Legends Of The Ring VII. Keep your eyes on our blog for any future exclusive talent interviews. Unfortunately, traveling to these conventions and promoting ourselves isn't cheap. We need your support in order to keep Wrestling For Bisexuals alive, running and growing! Please use the links below to purchase an item from our good friends at It helps fund us!

We'll see you in the next update!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wrestling's TV schedule for the week

This week is a huge one in the pro wrestling business, particularly for WWE fans. Tonight ECW will start airing at its new 9 PM Eastern Standard start time on the Sci-Fi Network. On Thursday sports-entertainment lovers will get to choose between watching TNA Impact on Spike TV or the broadcast TV premiere of WrestleMania XXIV on MyNetwork TV. On Friday SmackDown debuts on MyNetwork TV with what is expected to be a huge show. Saturday The Condemned airs on USA Network at 6:30 PM EST. Finally, WWE presents No Mercy on pay-per-view Sunday night. God help you if you also have an indy show in your area or WWE Classics on your TVs. Those of you wrestling consumers fortunate enough to also own a TIVO, DVR, etc. should be fine, however. Not since the boom period of pro wrestling a decade ago has the business consumed so much television time at once. I love it and I'm sure the rest of you do as well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WWE news

Edge is expected back soon from injury.

Ron "R Truth" Killings is expected to get pushed hard by WWE management. WWE officials want to attract more minority viewers and feel Killings has enough personality to draw them in.

Batista is said to be unhappy with his current WWE role. He feels his career has peaked and has expressed an interest in trying Hollywood acting.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wrestling news

Jim Ross stated in his blog that the Starrcade DVD has not been canceled as previously reported.

Tonight's broadcast of ECW is the last ECW show airing at 10 PM EST. Starting next week, ECW will air at 9 PM/8 Central on Sci-Fi.

Wrestling For Bisexuals will be represented in full force at pro wrestling convention Signamania III this weekend. So far the most popular suggestions for our "What should Brian Blair sign?" contest are a PFLAG shirt or a dildo. Cast your vote now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jeff Hardy update

Rumors have been running rampant about Jeff Hardy the past few days. I wanted to wait to post about the situation until all the facts were in. Here is the up-to-date information.

The is reporting that Jeff Hardy was denied boarding on a flight because he "appeared intoxicated at Nashville International Airport's Southwest gate" according to Southwest Airlines spokesman Chris Mainz. After his alleged intoxication was reported, Southwest denied his entry on the flight. Hardy was not arrested and instead opted to take a later flight home. He did not cause a scene at the airport. WWE is currently investigating the situation and will "take action if necessary." Jeff Hardy has a history of previous WWE Wellness Policy violations.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WrestleMania ticket prices/changes

The on-sale date for WrestleMania tickets has been pushed back to October 11th. Also, the ticket prices have been announced as follows: $755, $255, $155, $100, $60 and $40.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Unforgiven results

World Wrestling Entertainment successfully surprised its audience last night by making Chris Jericho the Raw brand's World Heavyweight champion. Randy Orton "injured" CM Punk earlier in the night, making him unable to defend his title in one of the three scheduled Championship Scramble matches. Jericho took Punk's place and walked out as World Heavyweight Champion, but not before losing his own scheduled match to Shawn Michaels earlier in the night. WWE fans seem split on this decision, but all are talking about it, which arguably already makes the move a success.

In other Unforgiven results, Matt Hardy captured the ECW World Championship in the ECW Scramble match, and Triple H retained his WWE Championship in the SmackDown Scramble. Also, Big Show turned heel by attacking The Undertaker, World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Cryme Tyme, and Divas Champion Michelle McCool defeated Maryse.

Raw should be very interesting tonight.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shark Boy interview! Randy Savage blocked!

Below is the exclusive interview we conducted earlier today with TNA's Shark Boy. We'd like to thank Shark Boy and TNA for their cooperation.

Wrestling For Bisexuals: For the wrestling fans who may not know you, please explain your character.

Shark Boy: Shark Boy originally began as sort of a hero-type character who would rise from the water to fight the wresting bad guys. More recently he suffered some head trauma in the ring so Shark Boy has had a bit of a personality change and now my mannerisms are very similar to another very popular star.

WFB: Did/Do you have a favorite "gay" wrestling character?

SB: I really enjoyed the Lenny and Lodi stuff in WCW. I thought that was very interesting. There was a whole lot of double entendres and euphamisms all over the place. Ultimately I believe the idea was they were going to turn out to be brothers but it didn’t play out that way for several weeks.

WFB: Are you featured in the upcoming TNA video game?

SB: Yes. I think the graphics on that game really stand out. Last night (on TNA Impact) Robert Roode hit his finisher and they did a split-screen with the real version on the left and the video game version on the right. It’s unreal how similar it is.

WFB: Is your lawsuit against Miramax Films over their movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl still pending?.

SB: The case was settled a year ago.

WFB: Was the late John Tenta an influence in your career because of his "Shark" character?

SB: Not really. I honestly didn’t try to rely heavily on anything else shark-related that had already been in the wrestling world. I wanted this character to be original. I remember a lot more about Earthquake like when he feuded with Hulk Hogan and the tag team with Typhoon. (The Shark character) really didn’t last that long and I don't really remember a whole lot of it. I think he was part of a big faction. I actually can’t think of another character who played a shark besides him.

WFB: What to date is your favorite match you've participated in?

SB: Yeah that’s kind of a hard question for me to answer. One that was a recent match that stands out was in March in Norfolk, Virginia. Curry Man and I defeated Team 3D in a Fish Market Street Fight, as strange as it sounds. We literally hit each other with live fish! Real fish!

WFB: What kind of fish?

SB: I don’t know. For a shark I actually know very little about fish. But they were big fish. I got the victory over Devon. YouTube it. There's video out there. That's one of the biggest wins of my career.

WFB: When will we see you in a water-themed gimmick match on TNA television?

SB: That’s what the Fish Market Street Fight was designed to be: Shark Boy’s specialty match. It was so original. So maybe we’ll see that sometime.

WFB: Is there anything you'd like to promote at this time?

SB: I always like to get a plug in for my Web site. If the fans get a chance, check out All the projects I’m currently involved in are up there.

We encourage everyone reading this to watch TNA Impact every Thursday night on Spike TV. For more information on the company, check out Also don't forget to order their upcoming pay-per-view No Surrender on Sunday, September 14th. The show will be available on InDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer's Choice Canada and more, and tickets are still available! The main event features a Four-Way match for the TNA Championship between Samoa Joe, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. Our good friend Shark Boy is also on the card, teaming up with Curry Man and Super Eric to take on The Rock N Rave Infection. The show also features Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Angelina Love and more! Call your local cable or satellite provider for ordering details.

In other news, "Macho Man" Randy Savage has been blocked by WWE officials from appearing in the upcoming Legends Of WrestleMania video game.

Everone enjoy your weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kowalski dead; Raw/SmackDown spoilers

Walter "Killer" Kowalski passed away Saturday at age 81 due to the effects of a heart attack. Kowalski was one of the original wrestling villains in the early days of television and went on to train several modern day stars including Triple H after retiring from the sport. Kowalski has been inducted into two professional wrestling halls of fame, including WWE's (WWF's at the time). He is survived by his children and his wife Theresa. A funeral is scheduled at Weir-MacCuish Golden Rule Funeral Home and burial service is set in St. Joseph's Church on Thursday morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Raw and SmackDown spoilers are posted below. If you want to be surprised, stop reading here.

Raw opens with a Raw vs. SmackDown 2008 promo followed by a memorial video for "Killer" Walter Kowalski.

Randy Orton comes out to open the show. Orton gets on the mic and says that he is still injured. He says that Beth Phoenix, Santino Marella, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase hurt Raw. He also says that CM Punk disgraces the World Heavyweight Championship belt and that he'd like to take the title from him once he's cleared to wrestle. CM Punk hits the ring and says that Orton is jealous of him. Orton leaves the ring. JBL then comes out and tells Punk that he is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven. Kane comes out and says that Rey Mysterio won't be at Unforgiven because he's still in hell. Batista comes out and clears the ring of everyone.

Kofi Kingston beat Charlie Haas, who came out dressed as John Cena.

Team Priceless confronts Randy Orton backstage. They say Orton should give them respect. Orton asks Cody if he remembers how he smacked his dad, Dusty Rhodes. Cody says yes and receives a slap from Orton.

Backstage, Theodore Long and Mike Adamle say that they have an agreement to do an ECW Battle Royal on Raw tonight.

ECW World champion Mark Henry beats Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, The Miz and Finlay in a five-man Battle Royal.

Chris Jericho signs the legal papers for his match with Shawn Michaels at Unforgiven.

Jamie Noble with Layla beats William Regal.

Candice Michelle, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly beat WWE Women's champion Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea and Jillian Hall when Candice pinned Beth Phoenix. Before the match Beth addressed Randy Orton insulting her.

WWE Intercontinental champion Santino Marella beat D-Lo Brown.

John Morrison and The Miz versus Cryme Tyme ended in a draw when Cryme Tyme was attacked before the match began by Rhodes and DiBiase, who took their Tag Team championship belts back.

Kane beat Batista, CM Punk and JBL in a four-man Battle Royal. Rey Mysterio was supposed to be in the match, but no-showed. Randy Orton did commentary during the match. After the match CM Punk throws water in Randy Orton's face and Rey Mysterio shows up and attacks Kane.

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels did an in-ring contract signing for their match at Unforgiven. Mike Adamle announces that neither of the two are allowed to make contact during the signing or the match will be called off. They obey that rule until the contract is signed, then brawl. Lance Cade joins in the attack, but Michaels fights them both off.

Shawn Michaels legitimately suffered what is believed to be a triceps tear during the taping.

WWE SmackDown spoilers (airing this Friday)

Triple H opens SmackDown with an Unforgiven promo. Shelton Benjamin interrupts, but is himself interrupted by MVP. Brian Kendrick attacks Hunter from behind. MVP and Benjamin join in the attack until Jeff Hardy comes out for the save.

R-Truth beat Bam Neely. Killings came out through the crowd and was rapping.

The Undertaker cut a promo about Vickie Guerrero.

Shelton Benjamin beat MVP

Maryse beat Maria. Michelle McCool stares down Maryse after the match.

Brian Kendrick beat Jeff Hardy after interference from Ezekiel Jackson.

Super Crazy beat Ryan Braddock. After the match Vladimir Kozlov comes out and attacks Super Crazy. He talks about not having any competition. Big Show comes out to the ring to confront him, but Vickie Guerrero says she will not allow for the match to happen. She demands that Big Show get out of the ring and go home or he will be fined and suspended. She goes on to say that she won't let Undertaker intimidate her.

Brie Bella beat Victoria.

Triple H is confronted backstage by Jeff Hardy. Hardy says that Hunter has a big problem and that problem is him. Hunter pretends he is on the phone and hands it to Jeff, saying it's Doctor Black.

Triple H beat The Great Khali in a Lumberjack match. Jeff Hardy, MVP, Brian Kendrick and Shelton Benjamin were the lumberjacks. Triple H pedigrees the lumberjacks after the match.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brian Blair contest! Plus, a Shark Boy update, WWE rehirings, and a WWE lawsuit!

"Killer Bee" and gay rights opposer Brian Blair will be appearing at the upcoming pro wrestling convention Legends Of The Ring on October 11th. Our staff will also be present at the event to further promote our blog and attempt to gain interviews with talent. We thought it would be quite humorous to stop by Mister Blair's booth and secure an autograph on a very pro-gay item.

But what should it be?

E-mail your suggestions to: Put "Blair's Autograph" in the subject line. The entries will be compiled and voted on by our staff. Entries will be judged for humor, ability to obtain the item in question, and most pro-gay, lesbian, bi, etc. The winner will be announced on our blog and will receive a special pro wrestling prize for participating! Deadline for entries is September 7th, 2008.

Scott "Raven" Levy, Chris "Kanyon" Klucsarits and "Above Average" Mike Sanders have filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment. The group claims WWE classified them as independent contractors but treated them as full employees. They are suing the company for “unspecified compensatory damages” over benefits they would have received as employees, and hope to extend the claim to every wrestler under contract to WWE from 2002-2008. Wrestlers throughout history have been considered independent contractors, but the three men claim that should not be the case in WWE due to being told when, where and how to wrestle, in addition to being banned from plying their trade for rival promotions. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt told SunSport “I think the key point to be made here is that every one of these people signed contracts acknowledging they were independent contractors. They contractually agreed that they would take care of their own health benefits and all the rest of that stuff. The only step we’ve taken so far is to remove (the case to a Federal Court). Our next step, at the end of next month, is to file our response to their lawsuit. And we will be moving to dismiss the lawsuit in its entirety."

The independent contractor v employee situation has been raised once before for WWE, when they were sued for sexual harassment by former female wrestler Nicole Bass. Bass was determined to be a WWE employee under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

More information about the lawsuit can be found at:

Christian Cage's TNA contract is set to expire. He is expected to return to WWE shortly.

Mister Kennedy underwent surgery today for a shoulder injury. He is expected to miss four to six months of wrestling.

Joey Mercury announced last Saturday at a Maryland Championship Wrestling show that he and long-time tag team partner Christian York have signed with WWE.

The winner of the SmackDown Scramble match at Unforgiven is expected to defend the title against The Undertaker later that same night. Current storyline plans are for Vickie Guerrero to offer the title match to Undertaker as a peace offering. The Undertaker is also rumored to face Triple H at WrestleMania XXV next year.

Due to scheduling conflicts Shark Boy was unable to speak with us Monday as planned. We are currently attempting to reschedule the interview. In the meantime we would like to encourage everyone to support Shark Boy as well as TNA wrestling for being so cooperative in their dealings with us up to this point.

However, we here at Wrestling For Bisexuals also need your support. Please purchase at least one of the items below through the links we provide you. Doing so will give us more money which we can put toward improving our blog, giving away more fabulous prizes to our loyal readers, or just better promoting ourselves to the wrestling business. We want the voices of all wrestling fans to be heard.

Monday, August 25, 2008

WWE news

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is expected to have a match at WrestleMania XXV in his home state of Texas. His opponent is currently unknown. As previously reported, Austin is being advertised for the upcoming Cyber Sunday pay-per-view. His WrestleMania storyline may begin to take shape there.

WWE has canceled the planned WCW Starrcade DVD.

Friday, August 22, 2008

WWE news, blog news, and SmackDown spoilers

I will be posting SmackDown spoilers at the end of this entry. Those of you who want to be surprised have been warned. Now, onto the news!

Gail Kim is officially returning to WWE. Sid Eudy (Psycho Sid, Sid Vicious, etc.) is also rumored to soon be signing a contract.

Raw brand General Manager Mike Adamle has begun pro wrestling training. It is currently unknown who his first opponent will be.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is expected to be a part of WWE's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view.

I am proud to announce that we will be speaking with TNA's SHARK BOY this Monday. It is through the continued support of our loyal fans that we are able to promote ourselves and get granted such interviews. Please continue to spread the word about our blog, and perhaps more importantly, continue to buy items that we link you to. Our good friends at Amazon have great prices, and your support will ultimately help us continue to entertain and inform you.


Vickie Guerrero apologizes to the crowd for her affair with Edge. She announces a WWE title Scramble at Unforgiven with two qualifying matches taking place tonight.

Maria defeated Natalya via disqualification after interference from Maryse.

Brian Kendrick won a ten-man Battle Royal to qualify for
the WWE Title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Another R-Truth promo aired.

MVP defeated Festus via countout to qualify for the WWE title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay to qualify for the WWE Title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Jeff Hardy defeated The Great Khali to qualify for the WWE Title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Triple H cuts a promo on what he thinks of his opponents at Unforgiven. Kenny Dykstra interrupts and is pedigreed.

La Familia came out and called out The Undertaker. Vickie Guerrero begged for forgiveness. The Undertaker said he came out for their souls. La Familia took out The Undertaker as Vickie left to the back. It ended with Undertaker taking them all out. He posed in the ring afterwards. The taping is believed to end with The Undertaker taking out La Familia.

Monday, August 18, 2008

SummerSlam results

Undertaker defeated Edge in a Hell in a Cell match.
WWE Champion Triple H defeated The Great Khali.
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defeated JBL.
Matt Hardy defeated ECW Champion Mark Henry by disqualification.
Batista defeated John Cena.
Montel Vontavious Porter def. Jeff Hardy.
Chris Jericho interrupted Shawn Michaels' "retirement" announcement
Santino Marella is the new Intercontinental Champion and Beth Phoenix is the new Women’s Champion after defeating Kofi Kingston and Mickie James in a Winners Take All match.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jeff Hardy suffers questionable injury

Jeff Hardy was said to have suffered a broken neck Tuesday night when he missed an appearance at Best Buy, but there was no indication of Hardy suffering an injury in his SmackDown match with Shelton Benjamin. Reports say Hardy arrived at the arena Tuesday with fluid in his elbow that wouldn't drain well. He was pulled from weekend house shows but is still scheduled to face MVP at SummerSlam. No announcement was made at the house shows concerning Hardy's inability to appear. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. replaced Hardy at the Best Buy appearance.

Friday, August 15, 2008

More WWE releases; changes in booking.

Here is the full list of WWE's talent releases as of press time:

Ric Flair
Jonathan Coachman
Braden Walker
Shannon Moore
Nick Patrick
James Curtis
Big Daddy V
Chad Evans
Brad Attitude
Matt O'Neal
Stevie Richards
Wes Adams
Robbie McAllister
Rory McAllister
Colin Delaney

WWE's booking team has changed their booking style. They are now going to be building everything around constant swerves. Also, Freddy Prinze Jr will work under Michael Hayes on Smackdown.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heenan in bad shape; Carlito unhappy (again)

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's health is said to be rapidly deteriorating. The WWE Hall of Famer has been in a Tampa, Florida hospital since December. One source believes Heenan will not live another month. He remains unable to speak and still in need of surgeries after being brought out of a medically-induced coma last January. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Carlito is said to once again be unhappy with WWE management. He has yet to debut on the SmackDown brand since being drafted there several weeks back.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Randy Orton re-injured, Batista unhappy

Batista admitted to SLAM Wrestling that he is unhappy with his current storyline heading into WWE's SummerSlam. "It's one of those things where, personally I like the long, drawn-out storylines. The buildups to big matches where Triple H and I are the perfect example. We had such a buildup for our match. Cena and I being in such a marquee match, I really wish the buildup had been allowed. I think a match like that deserves the fan's emotional investment. It's way too soon," he said.

Randy Orton has been re-injured in a motorcycle accident. He is now expected back in November. In related news, Orton told Eurogamer that he believes video games should feature more violence. "Violence sells. I want to see more violence in games - the more blood the better... [Some parents who worry about video games] don't know their kids are watching South Park. The violence [in Goodfellas] is against human beings. There's rape in movies - you see all kinds of fucked up shit on film." For the record, Orton owns an XBox 360 and a Nintendo Wii.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Walter "Killer" Kowalski

Wrestling legend Walter "Killer" Kowalski has suffered a massive heart attack, but recent reports state that his condition has improved at the hospital. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kennedy update

Mister Kennedy's injury appears worse than originally reported. Kennedy states on his official site that he could be out with the injury four through six months.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Other wrestling news

In other wrestling news:

Ric Flair's wife Tiffany has filed for divorce. Flair, who recently parted ways with WWE shortly after his financial company went under, has begun taking independent bookings for $15,000 per appearance. These appearances are all in non-wrestling roles.

Former WWE wrestler Al Snow is being stalked via his MySpace page by a girl named Ania Dalessio. Snow asks that his fans/MySpace Friends report Dalessio should she contact them in an attempt to get to Snow. The Blue Meanie alleges that Dalessio has threatened Snow's fiance and threatened to kill Snow's dog in the past. Dalessio's MySpace page can be found at: The official Al Snow MySpace page is:

In Ring Of Honor news,
Mark Briscoe's wrist injury is healed. He will compete on the 8/15 ROH show in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, fans can get a 30-35% discount off their next order at during this weekend only. New DVD's will be available for the sale.

WWE releases more talent

World Wrestling Entertainment has confirmed the releases of several wrestlers. Shannon Moore, referee Nick Patrick, Nunzio, Domino, James Curtis, Big Daddy V and Braden Walker were all released from their contracts. Additionally, Mick Foley has confirmed that he will most likely not be renewing his contract after it expires on Sept. 1st. More WWE releases are expected to be announced shortly.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Mick Foley did not appear at the SmackDown/ECW TV taping last night. Whether he's done with WWE or just selling the injury from last week is yet to be known.

Mister Kennedy injured his shoulder on Raw this week. He's only expected to miss a few weeks of action.

Monday, August 4, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Two WWE personalities leaving!

Ric Flair has officially parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment. Mick Foley's contract is set to expire soon. Unless he re-signs, SummerSlam will likely be his last date with the company.

New Column!

We are Wrestling For Bisexuals are proud to announce the addition of a new column, which you can read below. Feel free to leave comments for our newest staff member, and everyone enjoy Raw tonight.

by Morning Starr

It's a dark and stormy night as I cyber-pen my first column. Literally! It's raining buckets of hardcore acid rain outside.

By the way, I'm Morning Starr. I'm not only female, but I'm your new bisexual woman's columnist. Whenever I feel like it, I'll profile a female wrestling personality here on Wrestling For Bisexuals in a way that I hope will be unique from other wrestling Web sites.

Today, I'm extremely happy to share my first column with you about a woman who was born the 12th of January, 1962 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A woman who for many years would be called Gertrude by her family and friends, but the rest of the world got to know this wonderful woman by other names.

We few, proud women dog-tired of seeing overrated, untalented bimbos flaunting thier silicone assets and little else appreciate the 5'6'' beauty's vicious mat techniques and tenacious managerial skills. We have our own name for perfection.

We call her Luna Vachon.

Luna's gravely voice-a feminine homage to her uncle (and favorite wrestler) Mad Dog Vachon-and chiseled body that was better than most males made her a zillion times sexier than if she was bisexual or lesbian. And the fact that she could Luna Bomb anyone, female or male. According to Luna herself, her favorite match ever was a steel cage match versus Stevie Richards in ECW, which of course she won. Most people were shocked that a man would have a steel cage match with her, but I wasn't. I knew she could mop the ring with Stevie's sexily tattered rent-boy jean daisy dukes and that she'd probably do it with a fistful of his Coca-Cola auburn-hued hair. She'd probably be laughing the whole time she did it, too!

Luna was lucky being a wrestling baby. She got to train on the road with her uncle and father. Her family supported her dreams enough to let her spend her formative wrestling years with her aunt, Vivian Vachon, until she garnered the attention of The Fabulous Moolah and got to perform in many matches for her all-women's promotion. Then, sometime in the mid-80's whilst she was in Florida, she hit a heat wave when she became one of the Daughters Of Darkness, tag teaming with (Winona Little Heart) Lock. It was one of Kevin Sullivan's crazier marketing angles that both women sold very well. Wearing harlequin black and white ring attire along with shaving half their heads and pulling thier bi-polar ring attitudes, they really garnered the attention of the fans. That's also when they kicked off thier "Satanic" stable angle, which included Fallen Angel (the late Nancy Sullivan a.k.a. Woman), Kharma (Gene Lewis-Petit), Maha Singh (Bob Roop) and Purple Haze (Mark Lewin).

Luna took a while off when she was in her early 20's, eventually returning for a three-year tour of Japan where she was managed by her father, Butcher Vachon. The next long stint she'd take off from wrestling would be due to the fact that she got married.

In real-life she was married to "The Vampire Warrior" a.k.a. "Gangrel" (David Heath), though she only got to briefly work with him in ECW and the WWF. Becoming a born again Christian and deciding to distance herself from the whole "Satanistic" image that she and her then-husband eschewed would explain why they eventually parted ways, but it doesn't make Luna any less of an inspiration to all of her fans.

Her love of the sport has never faltered, though fan interest in her has ebbed and flowed. Enough so that she was never really a staple in any promotion for a very long time. She was with the WWF on and off, most notably at WrestleMania X where she tag-teamed with on-screen romantic interest Bam Bam Bigelow against Doink and Dink the Clowns. Luna's team won. Later, Luna helped Sable (Rena Mero) through her starter matches. It was one of the only times I remember asking what they'd done to my brave, strong Luna? I was so excited when I realized the WWF was staring up their Woman's division again, then so horribly let down when it dawned on me that it was just another reason for gratuitous T and A. Everyone, no matter their orientation, can appreciate attractive Beef Cake or Cherry Pie. But NOT when you want to see actual WRESTLING matches that you've shelled out hard earned money for. Instead we were forced to see Luna sell and job to Sable. No matter how big of a crush I have on her, I still don't want to see real athletes like Luna, Ivory, Tori and Medusa in any degrading Evening Gown, Lingerie or Swimsuit Matches.

The latter Luna notoriously protested, refusing to take her gown off on the grounds she was extremely unhappy with the marginalization, degradation, objectification and sexualization of the WWF's Woman's division. That was a low time in her life, and for the fans of woman's professional wrestling, to see it turned into a cream-puff side show that was supposed to entice instead of dazzle and excite. Never afraid to say exactly what was on her mind, Luna supposedly managed to get herself into quite a few spots of trouble backstage with management, which usually lead to her untimely suspensions or unfortunate releases from her contract. Her comfort with saying what she thought with ease might explain why she always thought being a heel was more fun. She never necessarily wanted things pitched at her, but she loved seeing the audience participation in response to her actions in and out of the ring. Even if it was a messy compliment, it proved she suceeded in doing a job well done if she could incite a grown man to chuck his expensive mini-barrel of beer at her.

In late 1997, Luna decided to manage the controversial cross-dressing wrestler Goldust, and even helped him through one of his more complicated angles as The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (which was a satirical poke at the pop music icon Prince). Luna helped Goldust mimick various opponents and cultural icons, which inevitiably meant he just dressed like that person and tacked "-dust" onto the end of the person's name and did outrageous parodies of them. "Sabledust" and "Hunterdust" were particularly amusing.

All in all, it goes without saying that Luna Vachon is a complex athlete that's brought woman's wrestling to new levels just by showing up in the ring and opening her mouth. Not to mention being accomplished enough to actually take home the USWA Woman's title, Florida Woman's Federation title and two Woman's Wrestling Tag Team titles before becoming the first female wrestler to be featured as a playable character in a WWF video game.

Six months after she became the first Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Ladies champion, Luna successfully defended her title in a match versus Traci Brooks and was able to retire the champion the 7th of December back in 2007.

So just what is one supposed to say when they're exposed to a woman this phenomenal?

How about this?

When I say "Eclipse Diving Splash?"

You say "Daughter Of Darkness!"

Show your love for Luna Vachon and our Web site. Purchase an autographed color picture of Luna from Amazon RIGHT NOW!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


We'd like to thank long-time wrestler Rusty Brooks for granting us this interview. We encourage everyone to support the "School Of Hard Knocks" wrestling school in Florida, and pray for Brooks as he goes through his kidney dialysis.

WFB: Having spent over two decades in the wrestling business, what do you think about the general state of pro wrestling in 2008?

RB: I believe there is too much priority placed on soap opera storylines and not enough on in-ring abilities. Also, I think with WWE they are too concerned with the perfect look in regards to physic and not about talent that can actually work.

WFB: Why did you turn over the day-to-day operations of your "School of Hard Knocks" wrestling school?

RB: I basically pulled out of the school and the wrestling because of health concerns. I am undergoing kidney dialysis treatments and could no longer handle the schedule required to operate the school.

WFB: How do you feel about your induction on

RB: I am not aware of it.

WFB: What advice would you give to an aspiring wrestler/promoter?

RB: Have fun with it, and always' remember it is a business and conduct it that way. Try to treat the people you work with like you would want to be treated. Don't try to swerve anyone, just do the right thing.

WFB: What was your favorite match to wrestle?

RB: I liked tag team wrestling. I had a number of excellent partners through the years.

WFB: Being a Floridian yourself, what do you think about Florida-based TNA wrestling?

RB: I think it is a good alternative to WWE. Competition always helps bring out the best in rival promotions and it gives the talent more options to work.

WFB: Having seen many of them through the years, do you have a favorite "gay" wrestling character?

RB: There was a Florida Indie character who worked as "Gorgeous" Gary Glitter, who was very
entertaining , and he got "per" with the gimmick.

WFB: What was the deal with the Super Duper Mario character you portrayed?

RB: Promoter Mario Savoldi wanted to cash in on Lou Albano's success playing the Nintendo game character Super Mario. Savoldi ran a successful promoti9on in the Northeast (ICW) and worked for him for a number of years off and on. The Super Duper Mario character was very popular but unfortunately the promotion was shutting down before we could really take off with it.

WFB: You've trained many well-known wrestlers. Do you have any fascinating or humorous stories to tell about any of them?

RB: Nothing off hand, just that I met a ton of great friends and always' had good times and a lot of fun traveling and working with them.

WFB: Is there anything you'd like to promote to our readers at this time?

RB: No, nothing comes to mind, just thanks for the support from the fans and best wishes to all.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Before we get into this entry, I'd first like to let my loyal readers know some blog-related news.

I will be attending Ring Of Honor this Friday night. If anyone from ROH would like to grant us an interview, feel free to contact me.

We sent off YOUR questions for Rusty Brooks. That interview should be up shortly.

The new female column I promised you a while back will also be debuting soon.

Now onto wrestling news...

Freddie Prinze Jr. (yes, that Freddie Prinze Jr.) officially joined WWE's creative team this week.

A woman from Rolla, MO is suing WWE and the University of Missouri over injuries she suffered at a SmackDown house show in Rolla in May last year - she fell from the bleachers after a railing gave way. WWE and the university claim the injury was her fault. The full story can be read at

Ashley Massaro stated that the meds for her sick daughter finally started working. She hopes to be back on TV soon, but didn't state in what role or for what company.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rock

Wrestling journalist Tommy Fierro recently wrote in a column that he believes wrestling stars from the 1980's are more well-known and fondly remembered by the general public than wrestling's modern performers. Fierro said that in his opinion the reason for this is because the wrestlers in the 1980's WWF had character, which is something he believes the WWE lacks in 2008. Looking at The Rock's new DVD, I can't help but agree with him.

The Rock was one of the biggest things in wrestling (and mainstream pop culture) only a few short years ago. We all wore the t-shirts and shouted the catch-phrases. Now Dwayne Johnson is out in Hollywood not entertaining sold out arenas, and I know I'm not the only fan who wishes The Rock could (finally) come back to Raw. Sure I still enjoy many wrestlers on the current WWE roster, but none of them are very memorable from one week to the next. None of them leap through the screen and grab your attention the way The Rock did. These days, WWE wrestlers all follow a very precise script. If you've been watching wrestling for any length of time you can more or less guess what will happen the next time you see your favorite WWE superstar.

Dwayne Johnson followed a script too. In fact his emergence in popularity started right around the same time that the WWF writers started scripting their TV shows down to the very last minuscule detail. So why is an overly-scripted Rock so popular while modern stars fail to connect as strongly with the audience?

Answer: The Character.

John Cena isn't the white rapper anymore, which is what made his character popular in the first place. Now, without that aspect to his character, he continues to get booed in arenas across the country. C.M. Punk has a character, but it isn't emphasized in any of his angles. Compare that to Chris Jericho, who is currently a heel with a legitimate point to his anger. When Jericho announced that the "good guys" had won in reference to injuring Shawn Michaels, a portion of the crowd cheered and the entire audience had some kind of a reaction. There's a reason for that.

The Rock's new DVD The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports-Entertainment is loaded with Rock promos and matches that will make you long for the Attitude Era of WWF/WWE wrestling. It's not just Rocky that will entertain you though. It's the people he's wrestling. Mick Foley, DX, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, The Hurricane, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Guys who were characters! I encourage all my readers to pick up this DVD and re-live some classic wrestling moments that remind us all why we're fans in the first place. Or, if you've never seen The Rock in a pro wrestling context, do yourself a favor and get this DVD immediately! The Rock's new DVD only costs $18.99 (around $13.00 if you get it used) from our good friends over at Amazon AND it's eligible for free shpping! WWE wants you to pay $19.62 plus shipping (more if you get a combo deal). Tell those WWE shop guys to take their overpriced package deal, turn that sumbitch sideways, and stick it straight up their candy asses! Help support this Web site and click the link below to purchase The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports-Entertainment from Amazon.

That is, if you smell what The Rock is cooking. Otherwise...Well, I guess you could always go watch some TNA or something.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Warrior in hot water (again), and ROH expanding

The Ultimate Warrior's New York autograph signing, which drew about 130 people this past Sunday, angered World Wrestling Entertainment.

Raw brand road agent Bruno Lauer, better known to wrestling fans as Harvey Wippleman, arrived at the signing's venue without notice and hung up a WWE cease and desist letter for everyone in line to read. To summarize the papers: Warrior and WWE have no connection to each other, and the Warrior was supposedly just using the attention and name of the WWE brand to attract fans into his signing. The papers also made mention of the Intercontinental title belt, which the Warrior's Web site advertised he would be posing with. The letter said the title was intellectual property of WWE's, therefore the Warrior could not pose or even market himself posing with it. is reporting that Ring of Honor is going to be making "major roster changes" in the near future. Graduates of the ROH wrestling School will be showing up soon, in addition to the roster gaining more full-time talent. Specifically, Roh is working on booking Kota Ibushi for upcoming shows.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Ultimate Prostitute and the Sandman. No relation.

The Sandman was arrested last night at a restaurant in Yonkers, NY for throwing glasses at restaurant employees, and then later at the police attempting to arrest him. The cops even had to pull a gun on Sandman during the arrest.

"The TV show "Hard Copy" is working on doing a story on Ultimate Warrior similar to the one in "The Globe" last week where it said Jim Hellwig used to be a homosexual prostitute before his wrestling days. The only WWF reaction I heard to the story was just to try and ignore it and hope it goes away, which is probably the best reaction. Thus far there haven't been any reports of Warrior getting negative reactions at the house shows, even though the Globe story has been the talk inside the wrestling business."
-The Wrestling Observer; May 27, 1991 edition

Google has various search results related to the Warrior story as well. Does whoring make the world work?

Remember to send in your questions for Rusty Brooks!

Monday, July 21, 2008

PPV results and news

Here are the short results for the WWE Great American Bash pay-per-view.

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder won a Fatal Four Way Match against John Morrison and The Miz, Finlay and Hornswoggle and Jesse and Festus to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Shelton Benjamin won the United States championship against Matt Hardy.

Mark Henry beat Tommy Dreamer to retain the ECW title when Colin Delaney turned on Dreamer.

Chris Jericho beat Shawn Michaels when the referee deemed Michaels physically unable to continue wrestling.

Michelle McCool beat Natalya to win the Divas championship. More on this later.

CM Punk and Dave Batista wrestled to a double disqualification when Kane interfered. CM Punk retained the World title.

JBL beat John Cena in a Parking Lot match.

Triple H beat Edge to retain the WWE championship.


Bob Holly was sent home due to an undisclosed incident recently that may have also put his job in jeopardy with WWE. There are also unconfirmed online reports that personal issues may be the cause.

Rey Mysterio and WWE are still unable to come to terms on a new contract. Despite what some may consider to be a "promotion" to the Raw brand recently, Mysterio feels he is being underpaid in comparison to other top performers in the company. He is reportedly seeking significantly more money than WWE officials are willing to pay.

Dakota Darsow, the son of former WWF and WCW wrestler Barry Darsow, is getting a one-week tryout in Florida Championship Wrestling.

William Regal's suspension came to an end this past Friday, so he should be reappearing on TV soon.

Mickie James posted a blog entry on WWE Fan Nation talking about MySpace imposters, John Cena, Trish Stratus, and a same-sex kiss! To read the entry, go here:

Randy Orton is ranked number one in this year's Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500, which ranks the top 500 wrestlers in the world.

In the lighter side of wrestling news, WWE (or "WWF" according to the article) fans got in trouble at the Great Americzn Bash for trying to steal chairs. You can read the full article at:,0,3718307.story

The person in charge of the WWE Divas (the person teaching them to wrestle the WWE style and how to handle their matters) is Michelle McCool. This is due to her relationship with The Undertaker, who has pushed for her to be in charge of the divison. The other divas don't care for McCool, particularly the ones more experienced at wrestling than herself. This is also why McCool was given the Diva title on SmackDown.

Another interview! Another advertiser! Another update!

On the heels of our RD Reynolds interview, Wrestling For Bisexuals is proud to announce that we have confirmed a second upcoming interview for our ever-expanding blog. The one and only RUSTY BROOKS will soon be gracing us with his presence.

For those of you who may not remember or may not know him, Rusty Brooks is a wrestling veteran who has competed in the pseudo-sport for over twenty years. Brooks has worked for the World Wrestling Federation, the National Wrestling Alliance, and various other promotions throughout the world. He has wrestled everyone from Steve Brody to Hulk Hogan (literally!). He has been a trainer of stars including Gangrel, Luna Vachon, and Norman Smiley. He has even been inducted into

If you have any questions for Rusty Brooks, send them my way so he can answer them! You can reach me at:

In other blog-related news, we have signed up Wrestling For Bisexuals with Amazon Associates. The dispute with Google AdSense is still on-going, but the recent success of this blog suggests that we cannot wait to settle the matter before attempting to once again generate ad revenue. Our audience is growing, and we are being acknowledged by respected members of the wrestling business. Now is the time to strike! We will continue to provide wrestling news, interviews, and other fascinating content to our loyal readers with or without advertisements. To be honest though, the ad revenue helps us out.

A lot.

On that note, if anyone would like to donate to us via PayPal, feel free. Once agian, the e-mail address is:

Now stop reading this and e-mail me some Rusty Brook questions!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

RD Reynolds Interview

Hello loyal readers. Unfortunately, computer issues in addition to an on-going dispute with Google AdSense prevented me from updating this blog over the past few days. As promised, I will now finally post the long-awaited RD Reynolds interview. I'd like to thank RD for his cooperation (he even plugged this blog on WrestleCrap Radio!), and I encourage all of you to check out, WrestleCrap Radio, and the new WrestleCrap Book Of Lists.

As if RD needs our help to sell his stuff.


WFB: Yourself and WrestleCrap Radio co-host Blade Braxton recently told off former WWF wrestler Damien Demento via a YouTube video. Since it's now clear that you have video technology at WrestleCrap HQ, when are your fans finally going to see a video podcast of WrestleCrap Radio?

RD: Weekly video of myself and the Hobo? A scary thought! I think it’s best that it’s scattered about, that we are rarely seen, like Bigfoot or something. We don’t want to frighten the children.

WFB: You've sung Cher on WrestleCrap Radio in the past. Do you enjoy any other gay-friendly songs or artists?

RD: You know, it’s funny – I don’t view songs or artists as “gay-friendly”. I don’t view people that way either. I’ve had friends come out to me, and they always seem scared. They will say something like, “Well, I’m gay – I hope we can still be friends.” And I just shake my head and said, “Of course we are still friends. Well, unless you, well, uh, think I’m attractive.” And they’ve all said the same thing: “OH MY GOD, NO!” Like I’m the ugliest man on the planet!

Maybe I am related to Bigfoot!

Anyway, I couldn’t tell you who or what is gay-friendly or not. As a rule, though, I like horrible music. If horrible music as a whole is gay-friendly, then the answer is yes. 8)

WFB: Do you personally know anyone in the wrestling business who is a homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, etc.?

RD: Not that I know of, but again, it’s not something that I think about one way or the other, so even if someone told me they were, I would probably just say, “Oh, that’s nice” and then move on with whatever we were talking about.

WFB: Tell us a bit about the selection process at WrestleCrap. When and how is a character or storyline officially deemed worthy of induction into your site?

RD: There’s no hard and fast rule, other than the fact that it should be bad and more importantly, it should be funny. That’s the only rule – I want to write about stuff that will make me laugh. Because if I laugh at it, I think others will as well. That’s the only real rule I’ve had in the 8+ years I’ve been running the site.

WFB: You recently held the first-ever WrestleCrap garage sale. How do you sleep at night knowing you've charged people hard-earned money for such terrible items?

RD: On top of a big pile of money.

Ok, that’s a lie. But here’s the thing with the Garage Sale – it was primarily stuff that was going to wind up in the dumpster. I figured if anyone out there could find humor in an inflatable shelieleigh it would be one of my fellow Crappers.

And besides, it wasn’t all horrible – that pinball machine is freakin’ cool!

WFB: How did you first break into independent wrestling?

RD: I hung out at ringside at a local event and made a total fool of myself. My buddy Casey and I would mock the wrestlers, the promoter, the announcer, everyone. They had a pizza place as a sponsor for the shows, and to mock them, we ordered Domino’s. Had a guy deliver inside the building and everything! The promoter thought we were funny, so he asked me to start doing programs. Did those for a while, then got fired for saying the lead heel was formerly the manager of Orange Julius #837 in Boise, Idaho.

From there, though, there was no stopping me – I felt it was my life’s destination to go out and make a fool of myself, so I morphed into “The Real Deal”, RD Reynolds, with the story being I was Burt Reynolds’ illegitimate nephew. I was a manager, and my men would have the task of taking over promotions so we could in turn take over their buildings, turning them into Burt Reynolds Dinner Theaters.

I always had a lot of fun coming up with stupid stuff like that.

WFB: We know you love the bad things in wrestling, but what about the good things? What are some of your favorite non-WrestleCrap wrestling moments/characters?

RD: Rock. The Rock. Dwayne Johnson. Did I mention the Rock yet?

Man he was great. Wrestling just hasn’t been the same since he left. But I am so happy for him, as he seemed like way too good a guy to be stuck in this stupid business.

WFB: Blade Braxton frequently mentions a love of all things female on your radio show (even Linda Hogan!). Do you think he's just a closeted homosexual in denial?

RD: Without question. And everytime he says he’s “all about the clam”, I think he is saying, he’s “all about the crabs.”

I have no doubt he is a homosexual.

With lots of STD’s.

WFB: Will ever induct more moments/characters from independent wrestling?

I try not to, because independent wrestlers and promotions don’t have the budget a lot of times to do the things they are trying to do. I’ve been on the indy scene and know how hard it is, so I try to cut them a break.

WFB: Will you please, please plug our site on Wrestlecrap and/or WrestleCrap Radio?

RD: Sure, we’ll have Blade plug you on WCR.

Wow, that sounded really wrong.

WFB: According to Kane's fictionalized, unauthorized autobiography, he had a grandmother. Do you think she was the old woman in See No Evil?

RD: I’d say who I think she was, but that would just give Vince ideas.

And he really doesn’t need any more excuses to bring Mae Young out of the mothballs.

WFB: Did you ever get rid of that damn Dusty Rhodes book?

RD: TRUE STORY: It was going to be in the Garage Sale. I was finally going to get rid of it. But then Blade was like, “Dude, I WANT THAT!” Now keep in mind he’s been to WrestleCrap HQ like 10 times since I had it, and never once said he wanted it. My guess is the next time he’s here, he’ll say something like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and then I’ll be stuck with it again.

Ah well, we’re planning on making the Garage Sale an annual event...I’ll get rid of it somehow.



No, thank you, RD!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm going to go catch up on wrestling news and listen to WrestleCrap Radio!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


WWE's Raw brand finished a major tour of South America last week. As previously mentioned on this blog promoters in Peru were upset about the draft because they'd built all of their advertising around Triple H and Jeff Hardy before they got moved to SmackDown. As expected, WWE sent both men to Lima. There were still complaints that neither man, nor the advertised but currently injured Randy Orton, were in Chile. The biggest show of the tour drew about 28,000 in a 45,574-seat stadium. It was still the biggest crowd in the history of wrestling in South America.

In top matches: Jeff Hardy beat JBL, Shawn Michaels beat Chris Jericho, and Triple H beat John Cena. There was a moment where the fans chanted "CENA SUCKS!" non-stop for five literal minutes, which has to be some sort of record.

The tour was front page new in Lima all last week.

Trevor Murdoch was mysteriously released on July 3rd. No one seems to know why since he was purposely drafted to SmackDown on the recommendation of Michael Hayes. It was likely for disciplinary reasons, but no one seems to be commenting.

A Jim Cornette interview is included in the new Ric Flair DVD. Ricky Steamboat is nowhere to be found.

Jeff Hardy told WWE Magazine: "I made a mistake, and I paid for it. I missed Wrestlemania. That was a huge, huge punishment. I was involved in such a big match going in, and I missed it. But, I think the fans respect the fact that I've confessed to what I did wrong. Throughout my suspension, they tested me two or three times each week. No joke. The testing is very thorough, which is good. You literally have to pull your shirt up to your chest, and drop your pants. Then some guy squats next to you, so he can watch you piss".

Vince McMahon was said to be very tough on Michael Cole's announcing work during and after Raw.

CM Punk accidentally broke Gene Snitsky's nose during their match last night on Raw when he hit him with the G.T.S.

Remember to send in your questions for "The Real Deal" RD Reynolds. Yes, the RD Reynolds! Send questions to: