Thursday, July 31, 2008


We'd like to thank long-time wrestler Rusty Brooks for granting us this interview. We encourage everyone to support the "School Of Hard Knocks" wrestling school in Florida, and pray for Brooks as he goes through his kidney dialysis.

WFB: Having spent over two decades in the wrestling business, what do you think about the general state of pro wrestling in 2008?

RB: I believe there is too much priority placed on soap opera storylines and not enough on in-ring abilities. Also, I think with WWE they are too concerned with the perfect look in regards to physic and not about talent that can actually work.

WFB: Why did you turn over the day-to-day operations of your "School of Hard Knocks" wrestling school?

RB: I basically pulled out of the school and the wrestling because of health concerns. I am undergoing kidney dialysis treatments and could no longer handle the schedule required to operate the school.

WFB: How do you feel about your induction on

RB: I am not aware of it.

WFB: What advice would you give to an aspiring wrestler/promoter?

RB: Have fun with it, and always' remember it is a business and conduct it that way. Try to treat the people you work with like you would want to be treated. Don't try to swerve anyone, just do the right thing.

WFB: What was your favorite match to wrestle?

RB: I liked tag team wrestling. I had a number of excellent partners through the years.

WFB: Being a Floridian yourself, what do you think about Florida-based TNA wrestling?

RB: I think it is a good alternative to WWE. Competition always helps bring out the best in rival promotions and it gives the talent more options to work.

WFB: Having seen many of them through the years, do you have a favorite "gay" wrestling character?

RB: There was a Florida Indie character who worked as "Gorgeous" Gary Glitter, who was very
entertaining , and he got "per" with the gimmick.

WFB: What was the deal with the Super Duper Mario character you portrayed?

RB: Promoter Mario Savoldi wanted to cash in on Lou Albano's success playing the Nintendo game character Super Mario. Savoldi ran a successful promoti9on in the Northeast (ICW) and worked for him for a number of years off and on. The Super Duper Mario character was very popular but unfortunately the promotion was shutting down before we could really take off with it.

WFB: You've trained many well-known wrestlers. Do you have any fascinating or humorous stories to tell about any of them?

RB: Nothing off hand, just that I met a ton of great friends and always' had good times and a lot of fun traveling and working with them.

WFB: Is there anything you'd like to promote to our readers at this time?

RB: No, nothing comes to mind, just thanks for the support from the fans and best wishes to all.

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