Friday, August 22, 2008

WWE news, blog news, and SmackDown spoilers

I will be posting SmackDown spoilers at the end of this entry. Those of you who want to be surprised have been warned. Now, onto the news!

Gail Kim is officially returning to WWE. Sid Eudy (Psycho Sid, Sid Vicious, etc.) is also rumored to soon be signing a contract.

Raw brand General Manager Mike Adamle has begun pro wrestling training. It is currently unknown who his first opponent will be.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is expected to be a part of WWE's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view.

I am proud to announce that we will be speaking with TNA's SHARK BOY this Monday. It is through the continued support of our loyal fans that we are able to promote ourselves and get granted such interviews. Please continue to spread the word about our blog, and perhaps more importantly, continue to buy items that we link you to. Our good friends at Amazon have great prices, and your support will ultimately help us continue to entertain and inform you.


Vickie Guerrero apologizes to the crowd for her affair with Edge. She announces a WWE title Scramble at Unforgiven with two qualifying matches taking place tonight.

Maria defeated Natalya via disqualification after interference from Maryse.

Brian Kendrick won a ten-man Battle Royal to qualify for
the WWE Title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Another R-Truth promo aired.

MVP defeated Festus via countout to qualify for the WWE title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Finlay to qualify for the WWE Title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Jeff Hardy defeated The Great Khali to qualify for the WWE Title Scramble at Unforgiven.

Triple H cuts a promo on what he thinks of his opponents at Unforgiven. Kenny Dykstra interrupts and is pedigreed.

La Familia came out and called out The Undertaker. Vickie Guerrero begged for forgiveness. The Undertaker said he came out for their souls. La Familia took out The Undertaker as Vickie left to the back. It ended with Undertaker taking them all out. He posed in the ring afterwards. The taping is believed to end with The Undertaker taking out La Familia.

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