Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Before we get into this entry, I'd first like to let my loyal readers know some blog-related news.

I will be attending Ring Of Honor this Friday night. If anyone from ROH would like to grant us an interview, feel free to contact me.

We sent off YOUR questions for Rusty Brooks. That interview should be up shortly.

The new female column I promised you a while back will also be debuting soon.

Now onto wrestling news...

Freddie Prinze Jr. (yes, that Freddie Prinze Jr.) officially joined WWE's creative team this week.

A woman from Rolla, MO is suing WWE and the University of Missouri over injuries she suffered at a SmackDown house show in Rolla in May last year - she fell from the bleachers after a railing gave way. WWE and the university claim the injury was her fault. The full story can be read at

Ashley Massaro stated that the meds for her sick daughter finally started working. She hopes to be back on TV soon, but didn't state in what role or for what company.

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