Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SmackDown Spoilers

A small update today as the staff prepares for the new year. Here are the 1/2/09 and 1/9/09 SmackDown spoilers. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now and have a happy new year.

Vickie Guerrero announces that Jeff Hardy will face Edge at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. Triple H comes out and makes fun of Guerrero until she lets him in the Rumble match. Hunter then says Guerrero has nude pictures on EBay.

The Great Khali and Finlay beat Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

Eve interviews Michelle McCool. She blames Maria for her loss. Eve asks her to apologize and she refuses.

Vickie and Edge talk backstage about Vickie's nude photos. Big Show says he's seem them. Show and Edge get in an argument.

The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson beat Jesse and Festus

Vladimir Kozlov beat Hurricane Helms

Jim Ross announces that Triple H, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov and Shelton Benjamin are in the Royal Rumble. Benjamin comes out and says he should be announced as the winner and that no one compares to him. The Undertaker comes out and chokeslams him.

Michelle McCool apologizes to Maria and Eve. She then attacks Eve with the microphone.

Vickie Guerrero tells Triple H that he's going to compete in a Triple Jeopardy Match on next week's SmackDown: a Table match, a Handicap match and a Last Man Standing match.

Kizarny beat MVP. MVP's losing streak continues. Management is said to be soured on Kizarny already. Ken Kennedy came out after the match and cuts a promo. He makes fun of MVP and talks about Behind Enemy Lines.

Edge cuts a promo saying that Jeff Hardy is an embarrassment as WWE Champion.

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and ECW Champion Matt Hardy beat Edge and Big Show

01/09/09 spoilers:

Triple H beat John Morrison in a Table Match. The Miz and Chavo Guerrero attacked Hunter after the match and put him through a able anyway.

The Undertaker beat Shelton Benjamin with a Tombstone.

The Bella Twins beat Victoria and Michelle McCool

Triple H beat The Miz and Chavo Guerrero in a Handicap Match

MVP's V.I.P. Lounge is up next with Ken Kennedy as the special guest. Kennedy says it's embarrassing how MVP loses every week. Kennedy says he's trying to inspire MVP to stop losing. The ring crew comes in and takes away MVP's Lounge furniture. Kennedy says that it's being repossessed. The Boogeyman comes out from under the ring and slams MVP. MVP retreats.

Carlito and Primo Colon beat The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

The Big Show beat Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match to end the show.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

we're back, and we have a lot to say!

The Wrestling For Bisexuals staff took a break for the holiday season. Fortunately, the wrestling business we love to write about refused to rest along with us. Needless to say that we on the staff have a lot to talk about now that we've made our triumphant return. As we head into the new year, we're grateful for a lot of things. Among them, all of the following:

WWE and TNA continue to put on quality shows each week. Many argue that the wrestling business isn't as entertaining or as beloved by the mainstream as it was ten years ago, but we're just happy to have wrestling on TV.

Goldust is back on WWE television. Although relegated to a comedy role, Virgil Runnels continues to play the Goldust character well and can still get it done in the ring. Besides, limiting the role to short cameos each week decreases the possibility of the character saying or doing something offensive to our LGBT friends.

Kane is now the crazy stalker of Kelly Kelly. Just like Goldust, Glen Jacobs continues to play his role to a T, and Kelly's acting abilities have somewhat improved along with her in-ring skills. We're curious who her mystery man will eventually be too.

Another Royal Rumble match. Each year without failure, the Royal Rumble continues to be an entertaining WWE staple with an original twist to the concept or a surprise entrant or two. We look forward to the '09 installment.

TNA's continued expansion. Total Nonstop Action continues to grow with a UK tour coming in the new year. Competition is good, and wrestlers having more places to work in tough ecconomic times is even better.

You readers. We can't thank you enough for your continued support. It is through your word of mouth and free promotion that we are able to do what we do. It is because of you that we've achieved so much success this past year, interviewing the likes of Orlando Jordan, Lanny Poffo and RD Reynolds. We have more surprises coming in 2009. Keep on reading!

Chyna hospitalized

TMZ reports that Chyna was rushed to the hospital early Saturday morning. Friends called paramedics after finding her passed out in her Burbank home with cuts on her arms. Alcohol is said to have played a factor. "All I really want right now is a hamburger and fries right now," Chyna told TMZ. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Armageddon results

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Matt Hardy in a non-title match.

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio to become number one contender to the Intercontinental title. Both wrestlers were injured during the match.

Shawn Michaels "sold out" to JBL in an in-ring promo.

Finlay defeated Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl match.

Batista defeated Randy Orton.

Michelle McCool, Maria, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeated Victoria, Natalya, Jillian Hall and Maryse in a Santa's Little Helpers tag team match.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho to retain the World championship.

Jeff Hardy defeated Edge and Triple H in a Triple Threat match to win the WWE championship.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Miz and Morrison win tag titles

John Morrison and The Miz captured the WWE Tag Team championships at last night's Raw house show in Hamilton, Ontario defeating Kofi Kingston and CM Punk.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

WWE news

AC/DC has been confirmed as the band for WrestleMania XXV. In a related story, an Undertaker/Shawn Michaels storyline for WrestleMania was recently "leaked" online, allegedly sent to various sites by former WWE writer Bruce Prichard. The script was later confirmed as being false.

Gene Snitsky has been released from WWE.

Former WWE announcer Joey Styles punched out a drunk JBL backstage during WWE's Iraq tour.

Edge has expressed an interest in forming a stable with real-life friends Christian and Kizarny if Christian re-signs with WWE at the end of the year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ed Leslie still "The Barber"

Ed Leslie told F4W online that he and WWE have settled their lawsuit. Leslie is still free to use Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake on indy shows, as well as his WCW monikers The Butcher, The Booty Man and The Zodiac.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kurt Angle to return to WWE?

World Wrestling Entertainment has allegedly begun talk of bringing back current TNA star Kurt Angle when Angle's TNA contract expires in September, 2009.

Steve Bradley found dead

Former WWE developmental wrestler Steve Bradley was found dead this morning in his car in a Manchester, New Hampshire parking lot across the street from where he once operated Top Rope Wrestling Academy. He was 32 years old.

Bradley started wrestling in 1991. After much success on the East Coast he signed a contract with the then-WWF in 1998 and was assigned to their developmental territory
Power Pro Wrestling in Memphis, Tennessee. Bradley feuded with a rookie Kurt Angle over the Power Pro Wrestling championship, which was voted "Underrated Feud of the Year" by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Bradley became the first wrestler to defeat Angle. In 1999, he won the third annual ECWA Super 8 tournament, defeating current TNA wrestler Christopher "Curry Man" Daniels. Bradley was ultimately released by WWE in the summer of 2002 during a talent purge. Following his release from WWE Bradley returned to the New England area and opened his wrestling school, which was shut down within the past six months. Bradley dealt with personal issues over the years and was one of the former talents who took up WWE's offer of getting help within the past year.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WrestleMania and budget cuts

WWE has begun taping two SmackDown broadcasts on various Tuesday nights instead of the usual one. This is being done as part of WWE's plan to cut $20 million in expenses from their budget, according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter. That double-taping trend will continue at least until WrestleMania, after which time WWE will evaluate the situation again. ECW shows will continue to be taped on Monday nights along with the live Raw show until February. Eliminating one taping saves WWE almost $700,000 in production expenses. Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard and two developmental talents were released earlier this week due to budget cuts, and more firings are expected. WWE has also cut down on its usage of pyrotechnics to save money, and the referee schedules have been reduced.

Shawn Michaels has pitched the idea of wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25. Michaels is expected to retire at WrestleMania 26.

More information has been released about the upcoming video game Legends Of WrestleMania. The roster features a total of 40 wrestlers and managers including Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Jerry Lawler, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect and Ted Dibiase Sr. Yokozuna and The Ultimate Warrior have been rumored as appearing in the game, but that has not yet been confirmed by a reliable source. The cover art for the game also features images of Steve Austin, The Rock, Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart is expected to be cut from the roster due to his involvement with CCW. He was already pulled from the non-virtual WrestleMania tour. The game is scheduled for a March, 2009 release.