Thursday, May 29, 2008

was DX gay?

Did the D-Generation X stable appear homosexual? The guys over at certainly seem to think so.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sex scandal rocks WWE

A podcast along with the upcoming book Ring Of Hell alleges that former WWE writer Dave Lagana was fired primarily because he approached Kevin Thorne at a WWE event in the bathroom and offered to perform oral sex on him. The story says that Thorne went to Mark "Undertaker" Calloway and complained and Calloway went to Vince McMahon. Lagana was fired shortly thereafter. It has also been alleged that Lagana was well-known as a pervert backstage, and that he hit on various WWE developmental talents of both sexes.

Lagana was a writer for WWE since 2002. He was once the head writer of the SmackDown brand and also wrote for the new ECW. Originally it was believed that Lagana's firing was due to him leaking storyline plans to various pro wrestling news sites. Unlike many other talents released in recent years by WWE, Lagana wasn't "wished well."

It's also interesting to note that current SmackDown writer Michael Hayes was only suspended for recently making what some consider to be racially inflammatory remarks toward Mark Henry and concerning Barack Obama.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kevin Nash sells himself (so to speak) on Ebay!

They say gays have 30% more income than heterosexuals. With that in mind, if any of my gay/bi readers have a man-crush on Kevin Nash and would like to win a dinner with him, start bidding now!

threesomes and the WWE title

Not since the lesbian twist to the Dreamer/Beulah pregnancy angle in the original ECW have we seen a wrestling storyline involving a threesome. Monday's Raw changed that-although it was most likely due to a character misspeaking or a writer not realizing the double entendre of what they'd written down. Mistake or not though, I believe that great potential for money lies within the remark made. WWE now has the chance to elevate one of its young stars into the main event scene and freshen up the Raw brand.

Last week I commented on Mickie James' new relationship with John Cena. As it turned out, that segment was shot not to put John Cena into a romantic storyline, but rather to setup a Mickie James/Katie Lea feud over the Women's title. This week's backstage promo between James and Lea has already been blasted by the people at It was definitely a very confusing promo and will most likely be edited in any future WWE video packages. However, one part of it really interested me, so I thought I'd blog about it. Katie Lea implied during a portion of the promo that she and/or her on-screen brother Paul Burchill would have sex with John Cena if he would've gone out with them instead of Mickie James and her sibling the week before. The Paul Burchill/Katie Lea incest storyline was dropped a few weeks ago because WWE is rumored to want to take their product in a more "kid-friendly" direction, similar to their business model of the early 90's. Lea's implication in this promo suggests that the incest storyline might not only be back on, but may now involve main event level babyface John Cena! WWE will most likely ignore this part of the promo. As I said, it was clear this moment was meant to set up a solo feud with James and Lea. Expecting more to come out of it would be foolish. At best we might get a mixed tag team match on Raw one week pitting James and Cena against the Burchills, and this saddens me.

Lea and James fighting over John Cena, with brother Paul Burchill in the mix battling Cena along the way, could do a lot to freshen up the WWE product right now. The borderline incest already makes Paul Burchill a sexual deviant, so make him a bi one. Hell, make him all-out gay for John Cena while still doing suggestive things with his own sister. WWE could then easily hide behind the logic of "It's not incest because he's gay." Such a storyline would do a lot of things at once. It would give four wrestlers something to do instead of two. It would keep Cena out of the title hunt longer while he fights off the Burchills. It would create another romantic storyline which has proved to be successful for WWE numerous times in the past (see Hunter/Stephanie, Savage/Elizabeth, and Lita/Edge). Perhaps most importantly, it would elevate Paul Burchill. William Regal's suspension leaves a heel void that needs to be filled, and Burchill getting involved in a program with someone on the card as high up as John Cena could be just the ticket. Don't misunderstand me. As I said last week, I'd still much prefer Mickie James to be the psycho she was when she first came into WWE. Those days are long gone though, and I've accepted that. If a storyline like the one above were to take place, I could definitely live with it.

Particularly if WWE wanted to pay me to write it for them. ;)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hardy Boyz news & an update on updates

Just a quick update today with some Hardy Boyz news as we Americans head into a three-day weekend. Matt and Jeff Hardy are being advertised for the WWE Supershow in Springfield, Massachusetts on July 19th, 2008. Also, Twist Of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story has topped Billboard's Recreational Sports DVD charts for two weeks in a row. Interestingly enough, the Triple H DVD continues to trail right behind it. Draw from that whatever you'd like.

In blog-related news, I've recently put in a request for an interview with Fan Slam promoter Tommy Fierro. The "Prom Night With Vito" portion of mister Fierro's upcoming Fan Slam wrestling convention in Totowa, New Jersey sounds like a great time for gay/bi/trans wrestling fans. So, hopefully that interview will be gracing this blog in a future entry. I'm also trying to track down former WWE writer Seth Mates, as well as Terri Runnels. For you younger wrestling fans who may not know, Terri Runnels is the former valet and real-life ex-wife of the legendary Goldust character. I actually angered Dustin Runnels last year by accidentally referring to Terri as his wife instead of his ex-wife. I even did so in the context of a compliment. Oops. Luckily, I was only corrected and then promptly dismissed. I seem to be very fortunate when it comes to angering wrestlers and not getting beaten down for it. I plan to blog about those stories sometime as well.

Hardy Boyz news

WNW events correspondent Devin Cutting reporting... Matt and Jeff Hardy are being advertised for the WWE Supershow in Springfield, Massachusetts on July 19th, 2008. Also, Twist Of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story has topped Billboard's Recreational Sports DVD charts for two weeks in a row. And just like last week, the Triple H DVD trails behind it, this week finishing in second.It's interesting to note that according to a number of Matt Hardy Internet wrestling profiles, Triple H allegedly said of Matt Hardy's departure from the company in April 2005, "He never drew money anyway." Hardy countered H's alleged comments in an online interview stating that he and his brother Jeff, as the Hardy Boyz, had been top sellers of WWE merchandise.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Warrior blames "misquotation" for past homophobic remarks

While appearing as a guest on a Dallas, Texas radio show with an openly gay host, the Ultimate Warrior claimed that past negative remarks concerning homosexuals were taken out of context.

"Queering don't make the world work" and other inflamatory remarks, including telling an Iranian college student to "get a towel," were made by the Warrior during an hour-long speech at the University of Conneticut in April of 2005. Previous Warrior-penned entries on the official Ultimate Warrior Web site have also expressed views against homosexuals. The Warrior is a proud Republican party member, and in an April 6, 2005 statement regarding the UCONN backlash stated that his comments were simply "politically incorrect" views that offended a minority of instigative, liberal students.

So to recap, the Warrior was misquoted in a speech that he gave, and in a message that he (or possibly one of his representatives) typed up for his fans to read on his official Web site. I believe the entire Warrior UCONN speech is still available on YouTube and other such sites. As previously reported on this blog, the Ultimate Warrior will soon be returning to the wrestling ring to face Orlando Jordan in Mexico, and has stated an interest in wrestling Vince McMahon at next year's WrestleMania pay-per-view.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mickie James officially straight?

Mickie James' original character has been dead for some time now, but this past Monday on Raw the WWE creative team put the final nail in the coffin of what was once a very interesting character.

In a backstage skit, James invited John Cena out to the bar and Cena agreed. John Cena forgets that this is the same Mickie James who once stalked Trish Stratus. Cena forgets this because, of course, we the fans are also supposed to have forgotten about it. This skit, written a little differently, would've actually made for a perfect comedy moment while simultaneously making WWE look like a very moral organization. Cena could've brought up Mickie's past heel history and declined her offer to go out drinking because of it. Besides playing to some of Cena's strengths as a wise-cracking babyface, such a skit would've also sent the message that drinking is bad. Only "crazy girls" like Mickie James go get wasted, kids! Perhaps best of all, such a simple moment could've re-established Mickie James as a meaningful character in the women's divison.

After Trish Stratus left the company, WWE appeared to want to fill the void. Mickie James turned face and became "Trish lite." Since then, she has quickly degenerated into just another Raw diva. She is so far removed from her original, deep character at this point that you may as well start calling her Kane. Worse than losing her crazy personality along the way, Mickie lost the lesbian aspects to her character. Inviting John Cena out to the bar, coupled with her showing no interest in any of the other divas in years, suggests that Mickie has finally made the full transition from a psychotic lesbian or possibly psychotic bisexual to a sane and straight women's wrestler. She no longer stands out from any other women on Raw, aside from maybe her superior in-ring ability.

I don't know if this will be the start of a Cena/Mickie James love storyline or not, but I know I'll shed a tear when Mickie doesn't treat Cena like the male version of Trish.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My interview with Jobber Universe creator Jimmy!

Last week I spoke with a man who wishes only to be identified as "Jimmy." Jimmy's secrecy is due to the fact that he is the creator and operator of one of the most bizarre and possibly inflammatory Web sites in pro wrestling's history: Jobber Universe. The Web site is dedicated to jobbers, but in a unique twist, it treats the men in question less like athletes and more like porno stars. Below is my interview with the controversial lover of enhancement talents.

Q: For those who aren't familiar with your Web site, describe Jobber Universe.

A: Jobber Universe is the web's largest collection of jobber wrestling matches. Fans who like to see hot muscle dudes get dominated, humiliated, pinned, trashed and beat upon will be more than happy with the video collections!

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Jobber Universe?

A: Well I was always a fan of jobbers since I was little and recorded matches off TV when jobbers were still prevalent back in the day. I just started to get a large number of matches and realized there would be others out there who shared my interest.

Q: Your site doesn't sell wrestling merchandise in a traditional way. Your jobber compilation videos are described and promoted as though they were porn, but legally they can't be classified as such. What is your site registered as?

A: A personal site, I guess.

Q: Former indy wrestling manager and current owner/operator RD Reynolds once referred to Jobber Universe as "The strangest thing I've seen this week." How do you feel about the mention?

A: That's awesome! Send me the link, I can't find it.

Q: Have you ever run into trouble with wrestlers or wrestling promotions because of your site?

A: Not yet!

Q: Who's your favorite wrestler?

A: Damn, whoever's on my site...I love them all. Bob Emory, of course, is king of jobbers. Love the All-American, tall and dumb.

Q: How about your favorite jobber?

A: Same.

Q: Squash matches aren't done as much as they were a few years ago. Do you find it hard to make new compilations?

A: It's sad because it's so true, which means that I'm probably among the last generation of jobber fans. But it's not really difficult making new compilations. I have hours and hours of footage from 80s/90s matches.

Q: What do you do outside of Jobber Universe, and do you have anything else you'd like to promote at this time?

A: I'm still in NYC, broke as a joke!

I'd like to thank Jimmy for taking the time to grant me that interview. I encourage all of my readers to check out for more information on Jimmy, Jobber Universe, or to purchase yourself a compilation tape of jobber matches. Let's all help Jimmy not be broke anymore.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Raw impresses, plus a question for my readers

In my opinion last night's edition of Raw was one of the most entertaining broadcasts WWE has put on in some time. It brought me back to the glory days of the Attitude era, and not in a forced "we're dusting off some of the members of DX" way. Last night had everything!

Surprises (the cameos of Mister McMahon, Ron Simmons, Trish Stratus and Roddy Piper-whose promo sounded a lot less scripted then in recent years).

Gray areas (William Regal messing with fellow heels, and teaming faces and heels together).

A use for everyone (the lumberjill match, Cody Rhodes introducing Cryme Tyme, DH Smith and Paul Burchill being used to further other people's storylines, and the inclusion of ECW).

Unpredictability (the lights going out throughout the show, the big RKO to finish off the angle, and perhaps most importantly an ending where the babyfaces DIDN'T overcome the odds in their handicap match).

Last night was a home-run for sure. I anxiously await tonight's 100th episode of ECW to see if WWE can keep its momentum from the past week going. It sucks the show is centered around Mike Adamle, but the in-ring action alone should make up for it. Not to mention the potential for surprises.

As I wrap up this entry, I'd like to pose a question to my readers: What wrestling-related topic would you like me to write about in the future? As you can see from my profile I have experience in the wrestling business as a fan, a bisexual fan, a failed promoter, and a behind-the-scenes member of an indy federation. I have many stories I'd like to tell, but I don't know which ones would be most interesting for my readers since you guys don't comment and discuss what you love and hate. One thing I'D love is some more feedback, so leave comments and let me know what wets your appetite.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mr. T for the Hall Of Fame

Mister T deserves to be inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame.

No, I'm not joking!

Vince McMahon Junior's juggernaught wrestling promotion partially began its national expansion by incorporating mainstream celebrities into wrestling shows. Mister T was right at the forefront of that movement, gaining the WWF press it wouldn't have otherwise gotten thanks to his star power back in the 80's. Now, as we approach a major milestone, I believe the time has come for Mister T to get what's owed to him by the wrestling business.

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania I. The main event of that historic pay-per-view was Hulk Hogan and Mister T versus "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and "Mister Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. Here's a fun fact for all you wrestling trivia buffs: Everyone involved in that famous match has been inducted into the WWE's Hall Of Fame, with the exception of Mister T. When I say everyone has been inducted, I mean from Hogan and Piper all the way down to heel cornerman Bob Orton and ring announcer Howard Finkel. Think about that for a second. Mister T, an actual participant in the match that started Wrestle-freaking-Mania, was deemed less worthy for a HOF spot than "The Fink"! As Gorilla Monsoon used to say, I consider this a travesty of justice. Many would argue that Mister T didn't deserve a spot anywhere on a WrestleMania card, let alone at the top of it. They would point out that Mister T didn't work his way up in wrestling. That he only got such a placement on the WrestleMania show because of his celebrity status and not a love for wrestling or excellent in-ring skills. In all fairness, those people would be correct. For better or worse though Mister T fought and won alongside the then-WWF champion. History cannot erase that fact and T deserves to be acknowledged for it.

Let's also not forget that the mighty T made more than one WrestleMania appearance. His worked boxing match against Roddy Piper at WrestleMania II is still talked about today (mostly by Roddy Piper). That "match" was also a main event-in this case the main event of the New York portion of WMII. The show was held in three cities that year. You could certainly argue that fans went to see any of the other matches that night, but the headliners of a show are the ones that promoters believe can draw the most fans in. That, of course, is what makes them the headliners. As a result the main eventers-in this case Piper and Mister T-get the credit for the capacity crowd. Once again T was on the top of one of the biggest cards in wrestling history and receives no credit for it. Oh, and for what it's worth, Mister T won that boxing contest by disqualification, making him undefeated in WrestleMania matches. The Undertaker just better hope T doesn't dawn the gold jewlery and come out of retirement.

Mister T also had a brief stint in World Championship Wrestling in 1994. While there he scored a victory over veteran wrestler Kevin Sullivan at WCW Starcade-which was WCW's equivilant to WrestleMania. T hasn't wrestled since, making him undefeated in wrestling matches period! How many people can say that? Yet another reason T is Hall Of Fame worthy today. On paper alone he's clearly done more in wrestling than other HOF inductees such as William Perry or Pete Rose.

Last but not least, let's also not forget T's role in the legendary Rocky series as Clubber Lang. T was a natural heel, and the underdog story of Rocky Balboa is something wrestling fans can all relate to. Vince McMahon will be the first one to tell you that his performers are just as much actors as they are athletes. T transcended pro wrestling, much like Hulk Hogan (who can forget Thunderlips?) and the Rock.

I pity the fool who doesn't select Mr. T for the Hall Of Fame!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!