Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brian Blair contest! Plus, a Shark Boy update, WWE rehirings, and a WWE lawsuit!

"Killer Bee" and gay rights opposer Brian Blair will be appearing at the upcoming pro wrestling convention Legends Of The Ring on October 11th. Our staff will also be present at the event to further promote our blog and attempt to gain interviews with talent. We thought it would be quite humorous to stop by Mister Blair's booth and secure an autograph on a very pro-gay item.

But what should it be?

E-mail your suggestions to: Put "Blair's Autograph" in the subject line. The entries will be compiled and voted on by our staff. Entries will be judged for humor, ability to obtain the item in question, and most pro-gay, lesbian, bi, etc. The winner will be announced on our blog and will receive a special pro wrestling prize for participating! Deadline for entries is September 7th, 2008.

Scott "Raven" Levy, Chris "Kanyon" Klucsarits and "Above Average" Mike Sanders have filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment. The group claims WWE classified them as independent contractors but treated them as full employees. They are suing the company for “unspecified compensatory damages” over benefits they would have received as employees, and hope to extend the claim to every wrestler under contract to WWE from 2002-2008. Wrestlers throughout history have been considered independent contractors, but the three men claim that should not be the case in WWE due to being told when, where and how to wrestle, in addition to being banned from plying their trade for rival promotions. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt told SunSport “I think the key point to be made here is that every one of these people signed contracts acknowledging they were independent contractors. They contractually agreed that they would take care of their own health benefits and all the rest of that stuff. The only step we’ve taken so far is to remove (the case to a Federal Court). Our next step, at the end of next month, is to file our response to their lawsuit. And we will be moving to dismiss the lawsuit in its entirety."

The independent contractor v employee situation has been raised once before for WWE, when they were sued for sexual harassment by former female wrestler Nicole Bass. Bass was determined to be a WWE employee under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

More information about the lawsuit can be found at:

Christian Cage's TNA contract is set to expire. He is expected to return to WWE shortly.

Mister Kennedy underwent surgery today for a shoulder injury. He is expected to miss four to six months of wrestling.

Joey Mercury announced last Saturday at a Maryland Championship Wrestling show that he and long-time tag team partner Christian York have signed with WWE.

The winner of the SmackDown Scramble match at Unforgiven is expected to defend the title against The Undertaker later that same night. Current storyline plans are for Vickie Guerrero to offer the title match to Undertaker as a peace offering. The Undertaker is also rumored to face Triple H at WrestleMania XXV next year.

Due to scheduling conflicts Shark Boy was unable to speak with us Monday as planned. We are currently attempting to reschedule the interview. In the meantime we would like to encourage everyone to support Shark Boy as well as TNA wrestling for being so cooperative in their dealings with us up to this point.

However, we here at Wrestling For Bisexuals also need your support. Please purchase at least one of the items below through the links we provide you. Doing so will give us more money which we can put toward improving our blog, giving away more fabulous prizes to our loyal readers, or just better promoting ourselves to the wrestling business. We want the voices of all wrestling fans to be heard.

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