Monday, September 1, 2008

Kowalski dead; Raw/SmackDown spoilers

Walter "Killer" Kowalski passed away Saturday at age 81 due to the effects of a heart attack. Kowalski was one of the original wrestling villains in the early days of television and went on to train several modern day stars including Triple H after retiring from the sport. Kowalski has been inducted into two professional wrestling halls of fame, including WWE's (WWF's at the time). He is survived by his children and his wife Theresa. A funeral is scheduled at Weir-MacCuish Golden Rule Funeral Home and burial service is set in St. Joseph's Church on Thursday morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Raw and SmackDown spoilers are posted below. If you want to be surprised, stop reading here.

Raw opens with a Raw vs. SmackDown 2008 promo followed by a memorial video for "Killer" Walter Kowalski.

Randy Orton comes out to open the show. Orton gets on the mic and says that he is still injured. He says that Beth Phoenix, Santino Marella, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase hurt Raw. He also says that CM Punk disgraces the World Heavyweight Championship belt and that he'd like to take the title from him once he's cleared to wrestle. CM Punk hits the ring and says that Orton is jealous of him. Orton leaves the ring. JBL then comes out and tells Punk that he is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven. Kane comes out and says that Rey Mysterio won't be at Unforgiven because he's still in hell. Batista comes out and clears the ring of everyone.

Kofi Kingston beat Charlie Haas, who came out dressed as John Cena.

Team Priceless confronts Randy Orton backstage. They say Orton should give them respect. Orton asks Cody if he remembers how he smacked his dad, Dusty Rhodes. Cody says yes and receives a slap from Orton.

Backstage, Theodore Long and Mike Adamle say that they have an agreement to do an ECW Battle Royal on Raw tonight.

ECW World champion Mark Henry beats Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, The Miz and Finlay in a five-man Battle Royal.

Chris Jericho signs the legal papers for his match with Shawn Michaels at Unforgiven.

Jamie Noble with Layla beats William Regal.

Candice Michelle, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly beat WWE Women's champion Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea and Jillian Hall when Candice pinned Beth Phoenix. Before the match Beth addressed Randy Orton insulting her.

WWE Intercontinental champion Santino Marella beat D-Lo Brown.

John Morrison and The Miz versus Cryme Tyme ended in a draw when Cryme Tyme was attacked before the match began by Rhodes and DiBiase, who took their Tag Team championship belts back.

Kane beat Batista, CM Punk and JBL in a four-man Battle Royal. Rey Mysterio was supposed to be in the match, but no-showed. Randy Orton did commentary during the match. After the match CM Punk throws water in Randy Orton's face and Rey Mysterio shows up and attacks Kane.

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels did an in-ring contract signing for their match at Unforgiven. Mike Adamle announces that neither of the two are allowed to make contact during the signing or the match will be called off. They obey that rule until the contract is signed, then brawl. Lance Cade joins in the attack, but Michaels fights them both off.

Shawn Michaels legitimately suffered what is believed to be a triceps tear during the taping.

WWE SmackDown spoilers (airing this Friday)

Triple H opens SmackDown with an Unforgiven promo. Shelton Benjamin interrupts, but is himself interrupted by MVP. Brian Kendrick attacks Hunter from behind. MVP and Benjamin join in the attack until Jeff Hardy comes out for the save.

R-Truth beat Bam Neely. Killings came out through the crowd and was rapping.

The Undertaker cut a promo about Vickie Guerrero.

Shelton Benjamin beat MVP

Maryse beat Maria. Michelle McCool stares down Maryse after the match.

Brian Kendrick beat Jeff Hardy after interference from Ezekiel Jackson.

Super Crazy beat Ryan Braddock. After the match Vladimir Kozlov comes out and attacks Super Crazy. He talks about not having any competition. Big Show comes out to the ring to confront him, but Vickie Guerrero says she will not allow for the match to happen. She demands that Big Show get out of the ring and go home or he will be fined and suspended. She goes on to say that she won't let Undertaker intimidate her.

Brie Bella beat Victoria.

Triple H is confronted backstage by Jeff Hardy. Hardy says that Hunter has a big problem and that problem is him. Hunter pretends he is on the phone and hands it to Jeff, saying it's Doctor Black.

Triple H beat The Great Khali in a Lumberjack match. Jeff Hardy, MVP, Brian Kendrick and Shelton Benjamin were the lumberjacks. Triple H pedigrees the lumberjacks after the match.

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