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RD Reynolds Interview

Hello loyal readers. Unfortunately, computer issues in addition to an on-going dispute with Google AdSense prevented me from updating this blog over the past few days. As promised, I will now finally post the long-awaited RD Reynolds interview. I'd like to thank RD for his cooperation (he even plugged this blog on WrestleCrap Radio!), and I encourage all of you to check out, WrestleCrap Radio, and the new WrestleCrap Book Of Lists.

As if RD needs our help to sell his stuff.


WFB: Yourself and WrestleCrap Radio co-host Blade Braxton recently told off former WWF wrestler Damien Demento via a YouTube video. Since it's now clear that you have video technology at WrestleCrap HQ, when are your fans finally going to see a video podcast of WrestleCrap Radio?

RD: Weekly video of myself and the Hobo? A scary thought! I think it’s best that it’s scattered about, that we are rarely seen, like Bigfoot or something. We don’t want to frighten the children.

WFB: You've sung Cher on WrestleCrap Radio in the past. Do you enjoy any other gay-friendly songs or artists?

RD: You know, it’s funny – I don’t view songs or artists as “gay-friendly”. I don’t view people that way either. I’ve had friends come out to me, and they always seem scared. They will say something like, “Well, I’m gay – I hope we can still be friends.” And I just shake my head and said, “Of course we are still friends. Well, unless you, well, uh, think I’m attractive.” And they’ve all said the same thing: “OH MY GOD, NO!” Like I’m the ugliest man on the planet!

Maybe I am related to Bigfoot!

Anyway, I couldn’t tell you who or what is gay-friendly or not. As a rule, though, I like horrible music. If horrible music as a whole is gay-friendly, then the answer is yes. 8)

WFB: Do you personally know anyone in the wrestling business who is a homosexual, bisexual, lesbian, etc.?

RD: Not that I know of, but again, it’s not something that I think about one way or the other, so even if someone told me they were, I would probably just say, “Oh, that’s nice” and then move on with whatever we were talking about.

WFB: Tell us a bit about the selection process at WrestleCrap. When and how is a character or storyline officially deemed worthy of induction into your site?

RD: There’s no hard and fast rule, other than the fact that it should be bad and more importantly, it should be funny. That’s the only rule – I want to write about stuff that will make me laugh. Because if I laugh at it, I think others will as well. That’s the only real rule I’ve had in the 8+ years I’ve been running the site.

WFB: You recently held the first-ever WrestleCrap garage sale. How do you sleep at night knowing you've charged people hard-earned money for such terrible items?

RD: On top of a big pile of money.

Ok, that’s a lie. But here’s the thing with the Garage Sale – it was primarily stuff that was going to wind up in the dumpster. I figured if anyone out there could find humor in an inflatable shelieleigh it would be one of my fellow Crappers.

And besides, it wasn’t all horrible – that pinball machine is freakin’ cool!

WFB: How did you first break into independent wrestling?

RD: I hung out at ringside at a local event and made a total fool of myself. My buddy Casey and I would mock the wrestlers, the promoter, the announcer, everyone. They had a pizza place as a sponsor for the shows, and to mock them, we ordered Domino’s. Had a guy deliver inside the building and everything! The promoter thought we were funny, so he asked me to start doing programs. Did those for a while, then got fired for saying the lead heel was formerly the manager of Orange Julius #837 in Boise, Idaho.

From there, though, there was no stopping me – I felt it was my life’s destination to go out and make a fool of myself, so I morphed into “The Real Deal”, RD Reynolds, with the story being I was Burt Reynolds’ illegitimate nephew. I was a manager, and my men would have the task of taking over promotions so we could in turn take over their buildings, turning them into Burt Reynolds Dinner Theaters.

I always had a lot of fun coming up with stupid stuff like that.

WFB: We know you love the bad things in wrestling, but what about the good things? What are some of your favorite non-WrestleCrap wrestling moments/characters?

RD: Rock. The Rock. Dwayne Johnson. Did I mention the Rock yet?

Man he was great. Wrestling just hasn’t been the same since he left. But I am so happy for him, as he seemed like way too good a guy to be stuck in this stupid business.

WFB: Blade Braxton frequently mentions a love of all things female on your radio show (even Linda Hogan!). Do you think he's just a closeted homosexual in denial?

RD: Without question. And everytime he says he’s “all about the clam”, I think he is saying, he’s “all about the crabs.”

I have no doubt he is a homosexual.

With lots of STD’s.

WFB: Will ever induct more moments/characters from independent wrestling?

I try not to, because independent wrestlers and promotions don’t have the budget a lot of times to do the things they are trying to do. I’ve been on the indy scene and know how hard it is, so I try to cut them a break.

WFB: Will you please, please plug our site on Wrestlecrap and/or WrestleCrap Radio?

RD: Sure, we’ll have Blade plug you on WCR.

Wow, that sounded really wrong.

WFB: According to Kane's fictionalized, unauthorized autobiography, he had a grandmother. Do you think she was the old woman in See No Evil?

RD: I’d say who I think she was, but that would just give Vince ideas.

And he really doesn’t need any more excuses to bring Mae Young out of the mothballs.

WFB: Did you ever get rid of that damn Dusty Rhodes book?

RD: TRUE STORY: It was going to be in the Garage Sale. I was finally going to get rid of it. But then Blade was like, “Dude, I WANT THAT!” Now keep in mind he’s been to WrestleCrap HQ like 10 times since I had it, and never once said he wanted it. My guess is the next time he’s here, he’ll say something like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and then I’ll be stuck with it again.

Ah well, we’re planning on making the Garage Sale an annual event...I’ll get rid of it somehow.



No, thank you, RD!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm going to go catch up on wrestling news and listen to WrestleCrap Radio!

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