Friday, September 5, 2008

Shark Boy interview! Randy Savage blocked!

Below is the exclusive interview we conducted earlier today with TNA's Shark Boy. We'd like to thank Shark Boy and TNA for their cooperation.

Wrestling For Bisexuals: For the wrestling fans who may not know you, please explain your character.

Shark Boy: Shark Boy originally began as sort of a hero-type character who would rise from the water to fight the wresting bad guys. More recently he suffered some head trauma in the ring so Shark Boy has had a bit of a personality change and now my mannerisms are very similar to another very popular star.

WFB: Did/Do you have a favorite "gay" wrestling character?

SB: I really enjoyed the Lenny and Lodi stuff in WCW. I thought that was very interesting. There was a whole lot of double entendres and euphamisms all over the place. Ultimately I believe the idea was they were going to turn out to be brothers but it didn’t play out that way for several weeks.

WFB: Are you featured in the upcoming TNA video game?

SB: Yes. I think the graphics on that game really stand out. Last night (on TNA Impact) Robert Roode hit his finisher and they did a split-screen with the real version on the left and the video game version on the right. It’s unreal how similar it is.

WFB: Is your lawsuit against Miramax Films over their movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl still pending?.

SB: The case was settled a year ago.

WFB: Was the late John Tenta an influence in your career because of his "Shark" character?

SB: Not really. I honestly didn’t try to rely heavily on anything else shark-related that had already been in the wrestling world. I wanted this character to be original. I remember a lot more about Earthquake like when he feuded with Hulk Hogan and the tag team with Typhoon. (The Shark character) really didn’t last that long and I don't really remember a whole lot of it. I think he was part of a big faction. I actually can’t think of another character who played a shark besides him.

WFB: What to date is your favorite match you've participated in?

SB: Yeah that’s kind of a hard question for me to answer. One that was a recent match that stands out was in March in Norfolk, Virginia. Curry Man and I defeated Team 3D in a Fish Market Street Fight, as strange as it sounds. We literally hit each other with live fish! Real fish!

WFB: What kind of fish?

SB: I don’t know. For a shark I actually know very little about fish. But they were big fish. I got the victory over Devon. YouTube it. There's video out there. That's one of the biggest wins of my career.

WFB: When will we see you in a water-themed gimmick match on TNA television?

SB: That’s what the Fish Market Street Fight was designed to be: Shark Boy’s specialty match. It was so original. So maybe we’ll see that sometime.

WFB: Is there anything you'd like to promote at this time?

SB: I always like to get a plug in for my Web site. If the fans get a chance, check out All the projects I’m currently involved in are up there.

We encourage everyone reading this to watch TNA Impact every Thursday night on Spike TV. For more information on the company, check out Also don't forget to order their upcoming pay-per-view No Surrender on Sunday, September 14th. The show will be available on InDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer's Choice Canada and more, and tickets are still available! The main event features a Four-Way match for the TNA Championship between Samoa Joe, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. Our good friend Shark Boy is also on the card, teaming up with Curry Man and Super Eric to take on The Rock N Rave Infection. The show also features Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Angelina Love and more! Call your local cable or satellite provider for ordering details.

In other news, "Macho Man" Randy Savage has been blocked by WWE officials from appearing in the upcoming Legends Of WrestleMania video game.

Everone enjoy your weekend.

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