Thursday, July 24, 2008

Warrior in hot water (again), and ROH expanding

The Ultimate Warrior's New York autograph signing, which drew about 130 people this past Sunday, angered World Wrestling Entertainment.

Raw brand road agent Bruno Lauer, better known to wrestling fans as Harvey Wippleman, arrived at the signing's venue without notice and hung up a WWE cease and desist letter for everyone in line to read. To summarize the papers: Warrior and WWE have no connection to each other, and the Warrior was supposedly just using the attention and name of the WWE brand to attract fans into his signing. The papers also made mention of the Intercontinental title belt, which the Warrior's Web site advertised he would be posing with. The letter said the title was intellectual property of WWE's, therefore the Warrior could not pose or even market himself posing with it. is reporting that Ring of Honor is going to be making "major roster changes" in the near future. Graduates of the ROH wrestling School will be showing up soon, in addition to the roster gaining more full-time talent. Specifically, Roh is working on booking Kota Ibushi for upcoming shows.

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