Wednesday, November 5, 2008

rumors debunked and other news

Several rumors were debunked at Ringside Fest '08 this past weekend in New York. Ric Flair confirmed that he's retired from wrestling contrary to reports of him negotiating with Japan. Flair did state, however, that the only thing that may talk him into a one-time comeback is an angle involving his youngest son Reid's pro wrestling career.

Eric Bischoff also debunked the long-standing rumor that he was starting up his own promotion to compete with WWE once again. Bischoff said he had "been there and done that" and that the opportunity would have to be just right for him ever to re-enter the wrestling business in such a capacity.

Lastly, the rumor that WWE has asked announcers to refer to on-screen talent as "entertainers" has now been confirmed as false.

Goldust has been re-signed to WWE. It is currently unknown if his contract is a Legends one or a standard talent deal.

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