Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wrestling's TV schedule for the week

This week is a huge one in the pro wrestling business, particularly for WWE fans. Tonight ECW will start airing at its new 9 PM Eastern Standard start time on the Sci-Fi Network. On Thursday sports-entertainment lovers will get to choose between watching TNA Impact on Spike TV or the broadcast TV premiere of WrestleMania XXIV on MyNetwork TV. On Friday SmackDown debuts on MyNetwork TV with what is expected to be a huge show. Saturday The Condemned airs on USA Network at 6:30 PM EST. Finally, WWE presents No Mercy on pay-per-view Sunday night. God help you if you also have an indy show in your area or WWE Classics on your TVs. Those of you wrestling consumers fortunate enough to also own a TIVO, DVR, etc. should be fine, however. Not since the boom period of pro wrestling a decade ago has the business consumed so much television time at once. I love it and I'm sure the rest of you do as well.

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