Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WFB expands! Plus, wrestling news & more to buy!

Wrestling For Bisexuals will soon have a MySpace page, allowing for better promotion and more interaction with our loyal readers and people within the professional wrestling industry. In addition, we've secured another interview with independent wrestling referee Jason Harding, and are currently in talks with former WWE superstar Orlando Jordan! This is truly an exciting time to be a WFB reader. We hope that you will all continue to follow our blog as we grow.

Both of The Undertaker's knees are causing him pain. His retirement is looking more and more likely heading into WrestleMania next year.

Former WCW "gay" personality Lenny Lane made a surprise appearance on ECW TV last week. Lane's appearance was for one show only and didn't include Lodi as a part of the deal. Lenny Lane fans shouldn't fret, though. Lane is still available for birthday parties! Check out to get Lenny Lane for your next celebration!

The Wrestling Observer reports that TNA will soon add another title for mid-card talents to do battle over. Jeff Jarrett has long been opposed to adding an additional title, but feels the roster is now large enough to justify it.

The WWE contracts of Raven, Mike Sanders and Chris Kanyon are now available online. Check out: for more information. Contract one is Raven's contract. Two and three are Sanders' and Kanyon's.

Kevin Nash told the Daytona News-Journal that he hasn't yet re-signed with TNA. Nash claims there is an on-going dispute over merchandising, and that Vince McMahon has also offered Nash a WWE spot if he'll dye his hair.

Signamania III went well for us. We made important contacts and hope to make even more this coming weekend at Legends Of The Ring VII. Keep your eyes on our blog for any future exclusive talent interviews. Unfortunately, traveling to these conventions and promoting ourselves isn't cheap. We need your support in order to keep Wrestling For Bisexuals alive, running and growing! Please use the links below to purchase an item from our good friends at It helps fund us!

We'll see you in the next update!

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