Friday, August 8, 2008

Other wrestling news

In other wrestling news:

Ric Flair's wife Tiffany has filed for divorce. Flair, who recently parted ways with WWE shortly after his financial company went under, has begun taking independent bookings for $15,000 per appearance. These appearances are all in non-wrestling roles.

Former WWE wrestler Al Snow is being stalked via his MySpace page by a girl named Ania Dalessio. Snow asks that his fans/MySpace Friends report Dalessio should she contact them in an attempt to get to Snow. The Blue Meanie alleges that Dalessio has threatened Snow's fiance and threatened to kill Snow's dog in the past. Dalessio's MySpace page can be found at: The official Al Snow MySpace page is:

In Ring Of Honor news,
Mark Briscoe's wrist injury is healed. He will compete on the 8/15 ROH show in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, fans can get a 30-35% discount off their next order at during this weekend only. New DVD's will be available for the sale.

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