Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WWE news

Brian Kendrick is said to be held in high regard by WWE agents and producers. Observers say he has a better approach and attitude than Paul London, who is considered an inconsistent performer and a "heat magnet" behind the scenes.

Wal-Mart has begun selling WWE DVDs called "Branded Classics." These are the UK's "Tagged Classics" put out for the American market. Some of the available DVDs in the "Branded Classics" series include the 2003 Royal Rumble and 2003 No Way Out, both of which heavily feature Chris Benoit. 2003 Backlash and Judgement Day are also available. Pretty much every WWE pay-per-view up to 1999 has been released as a Tagged Classic in the UK. Theirs have no music edits and no WWF logo blurs, but they are otherwise edited. I don't know if the American DVDs will be given the same treatment.

Ashley Massaro has requested her release from WWE due to her daughter being very ill.

In the wake of CM Punk's title win on Raw, this week's edition of ECW did a 1.4 cable rating, which is rounded up from a 1.38. The previous week's show did a 1.18, up from a 1.0 the week before that.

WWE is considering making SmackDown live once a month, specifically on Friday's before a pay-per-view. WWE hopes that this will freshen up the show and help boost ratings. However, Jim Ross said in his blog that he thinks the Friday before WrestleMania 25 will end up being the only time the live SmackDown idea actually happens. According to him, people who currently read TV spoilers only make up a small percentage of the regular audience. WWE has confirmed that they will be holding a live SmackDown in Houston, Texas the Friday before WrestleMania 25. This means another huge week for wrestling fans. It'll be a SmackDown on Friday night at the Toyota Center, the Hall Of Fame ceremony on Saturday night at the Toyota Center, WrestleMania on Sunday at the Reliant Stadium, and RAW back at the Toyota Center on Monday.

Melina broke her heel when she took a hard fall during an inter-promotional Divas tag team match on Raw. She's expected to be out for five months.

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