Saturday, June 28, 2008

Updates on the Warrior, Jake Roberts and Joey Styles.

Ultimate Warrior agent Bernie J. Gernay posted an update regarding the server crashing on Wednesday during the airing of Warrior's return match. According to Gernay, certain individual(s) used a program to send 500,000 users to the site at once, causing it to overload. The site eventually went back up. On a related note, Warrior fans will be able to meet him in person on Sunday, July 20th in Uniondale, New York. He will be appearing in his ring attire autographing items, meeting fans and selling Warrior merchandise. They will also be giving away free cans of a new "Ultimate Warrior Endorsed" Power Drink. The event is scheduled to be held at noon at the Marriott located next door to the Nassau Coliseum, which is also the venue of the Great American Bash later that same day.

Joey Styles' profile has been added back to the ECW roster page of Currently there are talks of giving ECW a three-man commentary team, with Styles joining Tazz and Mike Adamle. This decision was made in an attempt to regain some of the audience that stopped tuning into ECW after Styles' departure to take a webmaster position with Many officials voiced such concerns when Styles was moved, which Vince McMahon dismissed. Last week TNA drew a higher rating than ECW, making it the third highest rated professional wrestling program on television. This prompted Vince to reconsider his opinion of Styles' importance to the ECW brand. Styles could be back in the announce booth as soon as Tuesday.

Jake Roberts told the Baltimore Sun that he doesn't think he'll ever retire from wrestling, and even hopes that he'll die inside the ring. "Going out in front of people always feels good," he said. "It’s sad that in reality, you cannot go out there and do the same things you could do 25 years ago—and neither do I wish to. … I’ll never retire. It’s my passion. I hope to die in that ring." He also said he's interested in working for WWE again, but confessed that he's not sure he'd be able to do so. "I would love to. I just don’t know if that’s possible. I have a tremendous amount to give yet. How I’m going to give it, I don’t know. Because I’m not sure at this stage of my sobriety if I would be strong enough to accept the changes and the enhancements that they would put on what I write." To read the full interview, visit

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