Friday, June 27, 2008

Jell-o wrestler arrested

Cambridge University student Nadia Witkowski punched a female spectator and assaulted two bouncers after onlookers deemed Witkowski's opponent the winner of a Jell-o wrestling match.

Nadia Witkowski lost her temper last Sunday during a "blazers and bikinis" themed garden party organized by the Wyverns, an all-male Magdalene College drinking society. Witkowski was booed by spectactors, which under the rules of the contest made her the loser. She gave one woman a bloody nose in response to the unfavorable match result before grabbing a bottle of Lambrini. She was stopped at the exit by two bouncers attempting to confiscate the bottle, but she punched one and headbutted the other, forcing them to call the police. Witkowski was taken to a nearby police station shortly thereafter, where she received a caution for common assault.

According to a witness, "Nadia had been a bit aggressive and probably wasn't as attractive as the other girl, so she was booed although she'd probably been the better fighter." A Wyverns spokesman said Witkowski's behavior was "unacceptable" and she would not be admitted to future garden parties. A university spokesman said the venue would not be made available for such parties again. "The college deplores conduct of that kind," he said. Witkowski, who hopes to go into law or investment banking, refused to comment.

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