Monday, June 2, 2008

Raw's giveaway, PPV results & another question for my readers

Huge update today!

First of all, the Associated Press has released information concerning WWE's recently announced million dollar giveaway. I've been getting a lot of questions about it, so I thought I'd pass along the information available via this blog. As expected, there's a catch or two involved. The full AP article can be found at the following URL:

One thing that I find curious is WWE announcing they'll give out the codes at the start of each Raw episode. What would make the casual fan stick around to watch the rest of Raw after getting the code? WWE is doing this promotion to increase ratings, so logically they really shouldn't be telling you when during the broadcast the code will be given out. I suspect the only people who will enter this contest are the wrestling fans who already watch Raw now. Myself included. Hey, a man has to pay for gas, right? The giveaway begins June 9th.

Here are the short results for WWE's One Night Stand pay-per-view:

Jeff Hardy beat Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

The Big Show beat CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, John Morrison, Bam Neely, and Chavo Guerrero in a 6 man Singapore Cane match to earn a shot at Kane's ECW championship at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view. Big Show became hurt legit during the match.

John Cena beat JBL in a First Blood match.

Beth Phoenix beat Melina in an I Quit match.

Note: At this point in the show Cena did a backstage skit with Mickie James. Cena said he enjoyed "girl on girl submissions." Cena's character has made both pro-gay and anti-gay statements in the past. I guess this one would fall on the pro side, technically. During this segment ECW's Mike Adamle suggested Cena and James were a couple, so I guess WWE is continuing on with the romance angle between them.

Batista beat Shawn Michaels in a Stretcher Match.

Triple H beat Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match. Orton may or may not have been hurt legit during the match.

Edge beat The Undertaker in a TLC match to win the vacant World title. According to the match stipulation, The Undertaker must now retire from the entire WWE.

Finally, I'd like to once again pose a question to you, my readers. Recently I've been struggling with a question: What's the best way to present this blog's content? On one hand, I want to present the content as professionally and close to journalism as possible. On the other hand, I feel like a little editorializing and personal humor interjected into the entries would add some more flavor to my blog, while also not hurting anyone. You can certainly find a ton of other so-called wrestling journalists who aren't shy about interjecting their own opinions into articles where they may not belong, but does that make it okay for me to do as well, or would I then become just as annoying as they are by stating opinions rather than strictly facts? What do YOU look for in a pro wrestling blog? E-mail me at or simply post a reply. I look forward to hearing from you.


Mac said...

Personally, and just using your words here...I love reading blogs that inject some humour into entries to give it flavour. With me, I tend to like to add my own opinions after a news piece or whenever a subject comes up and makes me think but its different for everyone.
I think with the subject you gotta have some fun with it. Don't know if that will help as I am not a journalist.. but what I can say is I am enjoying reading your blogs very much. Anyway, its really up to you, as it is your site and its what you want to put over to your readers.

libhom said...

I'm so tired of Triple H. He's ugly and boring. Note to WWE writers: Randy Orton should do a legend killer thing on HHH's career.

don bishop said...

Libhom, in order for Randy Orton to do as you've suggested, they'd have to start calling Triple H a legend. If you think the amount of his airtime is bad now, imagine how much worse it'd be if he became a "legendary" wrestler. :)