Monday, June 9, 2008

Orlando Jordan's bisexual angle

In an interview starting to make the rounds on YouTube, former WWE wrestler Orlando Jordan partially discusses the much-talked about bisexual angle he was supposed to be involved in before his release from the company. I decided to post Orlando's side of the story because it obviously fits the nature of this blog. WWE has yet to comment on matters concerning Orlando Jordan, beyond making his release known on at the time it happened.

According to Jordan, the storyline was going to start out with Orlando being told he was one of the best-dressed guys in the company. After that, he would start coming to the ring with an entourage while wearing a robe. The valet of the group (who was supposed to be played by Trinity of TNA and OVW fame) would disrobe Orlando and the bell would ring, but Jordan's crew would remain on the ring apron. OJ would give his valet a kiss, and then would also kiss the male counterpart. Everyone would act shocked by this, except Jordan and his group. Jordan would use the shock to his advantage and score a quick victory. Jordan would then be questioned about the kiss backstage, but would ignore the question and only discuss his victory and victories to come, etc. Jordan also claims the character was originally going to be a part of the ECW brand. He said the gimmick was considered too risque for network television, but ECW was on a cable network where the envelope could be pushed further. OJ claims Tommy Dreamer came up with a lot of the character, and that Dreamer also wanted to put it on ECW to better differentiate the brand from other WWE programs. Jordan says Vince McMahon supported the character and even saw big money in it. He claims McMahon viewed the character as "the ultimate player" who could get anyone he went after.

Following his release from WWE, rumors began that Jordan was traveling to shows each week (across different state lines) with a sixteen-year-old male. This was believed to be the main reason for the firing. Jordan claims the story got exaggerated by someone who didn't feel comfortable with his sexuality. Jordan claims many people were uncomfortable with him and the bisexual storyline, and so he was released from the company before problems could occur.

The bi storyline has yet to be done with another performer. Also, the ECW brand wasn't officially brought back to regular television until June of 2006.

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