Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Raw impresses, plus a question for my readers

In my opinion last night's edition of Raw was one of the most entertaining broadcasts WWE has put on in some time. It brought me back to the glory days of the Attitude era, and not in a forced "we're dusting off some of the members of DX" way. Last night had everything!

Surprises (the cameos of Mister McMahon, Ron Simmons, Trish Stratus and Roddy Piper-whose promo sounded a lot less scripted then in recent years).

Gray areas (William Regal messing with fellow heels, and teaming faces and heels together).

A use for everyone (the lumberjill match, Cody Rhodes introducing Cryme Tyme, DH Smith and Paul Burchill being used to further other people's storylines, and the inclusion of ECW).

Unpredictability (the lights going out throughout the show, the big RKO to finish off the angle, and perhaps most importantly an ending where the babyfaces DIDN'T overcome the odds in their handicap match).

Last night was a home-run for sure. I anxiously await tonight's 100th episode of ECW to see if WWE can keep its momentum from the past week going. It sucks the show is centered around Mike Adamle, but the in-ring action alone should make up for it. Not to mention the potential for surprises.

As I wrap up this entry, I'd like to pose a question to my readers: What wrestling-related topic would you like me to write about in the future? As you can see from my profile I have experience in the wrestling business as a fan, a bisexual fan, a failed promoter, and a behind-the-scenes member of an indy federation. I have many stories I'd like to tell, but I don't know which ones would be most interesting for my readers since you guys don't comment and discuss what you love and hate. One thing I'D love is some more feedback, so leave comments and let me know what wets your appetite.

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libhom said...

I would be interested in stories about the gay and bi wrestlers. I'm not asking you to name names and out people, but it would be a fun topic.