Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My interview with Jobber Universe creator Jimmy!

Last week I spoke with a man who wishes only to be identified as "Jimmy." Jimmy's secrecy is due to the fact that he is the creator and operator of one of the most bizarre and possibly inflammatory Web sites in pro wrestling's history: Jobber Universe. The Web site is dedicated to jobbers, but in a unique twist, it treats the men in question less like athletes and more like porno stars. Below is my interview with the controversial lover of enhancement talents.

Q: For those who aren't familiar with your Web site, describe Jobber Universe.

A: Jobber Universe is the web's largest collection of jobber wrestling matches. Fans who like to see hot muscle dudes get dominated, humiliated, pinned, trashed and beat upon will be more than happy with the video collections!

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Jobber Universe?

A: Well I was always a fan of jobbers since I was little and recorded matches off TV when jobbers were still prevalent back in the day. I just started to get a large number of matches and realized there would be others out there who shared my interest.

Q: Your site doesn't sell wrestling merchandise in a traditional way. Your jobber compilation videos are described and promoted as though they were porn, but legally they can't be classified as such. What is your site registered as?

A: A personal site, I guess.

Q: Former indy wrestling manager and current owner/operator RD Reynolds once referred to Jobber Universe as "The strangest thing I've seen this week." How do you feel about the mention?

A: That's awesome! Send me the link, I can't find it.

Q: Have you ever run into trouble with wrestlers or wrestling promotions because of your site?

A: Not yet!

Q: Who's your favorite wrestler?

A: Damn, whoever's on my site...I love them all. Bob Emory, of course, is king of jobbers. Love the All-American, tall and dumb.

Q: How about your favorite jobber?

A: Same.

Q: Squash matches aren't done as much as they were a few years ago. Do you find it hard to make new compilations?

A: It's sad because it's so true, which means that I'm probably among the last generation of jobber fans. But it's not really difficult making new compilations. I have hours and hours of footage from 80s/90s matches.

Q: What do you do outside of Jobber Universe, and do you have anything else you'd like to promote at this time?

A: I'm still in NYC, broke as a joke!

I'd like to thank Jimmy for taking the time to grant me that interview. I encourage all of my readers to check out for more information on Jimmy, Jobber Universe, or to purchase yourself a compilation tape of jobber matches. Let's all help Jimmy not be broke anymore.


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