Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sex scandal rocks WWE

A podcast along with the upcoming book Ring Of Hell alleges that former WWE writer Dave Lagana was fired primarily because he approached Kevin Thorne at a WWE event in the bathroom and offered to perform oral sex on him. The story says that Thorne went to Mark "Undertaker" Calloway and complained and Calloway went to Vince McMahon. Lagana was fired shortly thereafter. It has also been alleged that Lagana was well-known as a pervert backstage, and that he hit on various WWE developmental talents of both sexes.

Lagana was a writer for WWE since 2002. He was once the head writer of the SmackDown brand and also wrote for the new ECW. Originally it was believed that Lagana's firing was due to him leaking storyline plans to various pro wrestling news sites. Unlike many other talents released in recent years by WWE, Lagana wasn't "wished well."

It's also interesting to note that current SmackDown writer Michael Hayes was only suspended for recently making what some consider to be racially inflammatory remarks toward Mark Henry and concerning Barack Obama.

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libhom said...

This seems more like a sexual harassment scandal than a bi scandal.