Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mickie James officially straight?

Mickie James' original character has been dead for some time now, but this past Monday on Raw the WWE creative team put the final nail in the coffin of what was once a very interesting character.

In a backstage skit, James invited John Cena out to the bar and Cena agreed. John Cena forgets that this is the same Mickie James who once stalked Trish Stratus. Cena forgets this because, of course, we the fans are also supposed to have forgotten about it. This skit, written a little differently, would've actually made for a perfect comedy moment while simultaneously making WWE look like a very moral organization. Cena could've brought up Mickie's past heel history and declined her offer to go out drinking because of it. Besides playing to some of Cena's strengths as a wise-cracking babyface, such a skit would've also sent the message that drinking is bad. Only "crazy girls" like Mickie James go get wasted, kids! Perhaps best of all, such a simple moment could've re-established Mickie James as a meaningful character in the women's divison.

After Trish Stratus left the company, WWE appeared to want to fill the void. Mickie James turned face and became "Trish lite." Since then, she has quickly degenerated into just another Raw diva. She is so far removed from her original, deep character at this point that you may as well start calling her Kane. Worse than losing her crazy personality along the way, Mickie lost the lesbian aspects to her character. Inviting John Cena out to the bar, coupled with her showing no interest in any of the other divas in years, suggests that Mickie has finally made the full transition from a psychotic lesbian or possibly psychotic bisexual to a sane and straight women's wrestler. She no longer stands out from any other women on Raw, aside from maybe her superior in-ring ability.

I don't know if this will be the start of a Cena/Mickie James love storyline or not, but I know I'll shed a tear when Mickie doesn't treat Cena like the male version of Trish.

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