Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Jericho fan assault update

Last night following a WWE house show, Chris Jericho punched a group of wrestling fans outside the arena.

Fan reports from the incident suggest Jericho was physically provoked by the first member of the group, who was not stopped by any type of security or police, leaving Jericho no choice but to defend himself against the individual. Reports go on to state that Jericho was then confronted by the friends of the punched fan, most of whom were said to only aggrivate the situation by shoving and attempting to hit the WWE wrestler. Others argue that Jericho stepped over the line. In one instance, he was the first to throw a punch against the female of the fan group. He was also heard threatening to "fucking kill" a member of the party.

Camera phone videos of the incident have made their way across the internet, but the majority of them only show Jericho hitting a fan or two out of context. The fans in question have already pressed charges with police.

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